Saturday, May 30, 2009

one day in Jusco n a contribution to my lovely Emma.

Well, since i m going to U.K next week, mummy and i think that we ought to get something for the trip, some clothes and so on, so we went to Jusco seremban to get our stuffs. At first, i was saying ' i have all the things i need ad, i don't think that i need anything else'. But as soon as i reach there, instantly i bought one blouse and one pants! lol... when you have no intention in buying anything, you will often buy a lot of things!!!!!!! And then, went to get some under garment as well, everything is so dirt cheap @_@ my things and mummy's things add together onli RM200! And trust me, we bought a lot of things... 

So.. this shopping spree did lighten me up a little. Will mention bout it later on. And also, lately a lot of things are departing from my life. My room mate is also moving out.. It is sad, but still, i stayed with her for 2 years, and it is not short, and i did like her companion at times, so i bought her this little card and wrote some thoughts of mind to her. Since she left us a good bye card as well..

At the same time, i bought a small little note book for me to put in my bag when i go travelling, so that when i come back, i will know what to write in my blog. Trust me, it's going to be a very long blog on my trip to UK, Spain, Rome and Paris :)

"think out the box"

And for now, i will tel you bout why i was so moody this few days. Didnt even have the mood to upload anything to my blog. My precious Emma(dog) past away. She's been with my family for 10 years and we love her a lot. She's a dog that is thoughtful, delightful, pleasant, friendly, active and also a very good friend. You people must be thinking that i m crazy that i could say so much about a dog. But when you have a dog that has company you for 10 years, you will understand how i feel.

Emma is a dog that everyone knows. Dogs in our neighbourhood knows her, neighbours will shout her name from far just to give her a biscuit treat. Kids of all ages will love her companion. It is a great grief that we lost such a wonderful dog. 

She past away on last wednesday, which is the 21th of May. I didnt know bout it because mummy didnt want to affect my studies. Of course when i know bout emma...I cried...I didnt expect her to go so fast. 

Let me tell you all bout the story bout my little emma:) 
She was actually my old neighbour's dog. But when they moved out, they didnt bring her along, they just brought the puppies that she gave birth to and also the male dog. Leaving her alone in the streets, digging from dumpters. And that time, i had a dog named Coffee. So since we are already feeding one dog, me and my mum felt that it does no harm in feeding another dog since she's just a petite little dog that time. And soon, she likes to hang around our house, waiting for us to feed her, waiting everyday patiently for me to come out to pat her on the head each day. Sooner or later, we came in to our house and conquered our love for her. 

She didnt have a name then, we used to call her 'ah ma dog' because she is always giving birth. She's totally a giving birth machine xD.. and then, it gave me the idea of naming her Emma instead of calling her 'ah ma dog'. 

We love her a lot, and i believe she loves my companion as well, everyday when i came back from school, she will definately walk up to me, and i will squat down, and start to pat her on the head. She never gets tired of my patting her in the head and lying in my arms. I enjoyed every moment of it. 

But time got into her way. She is 10 years old and God knows how old is she before i adopted her in to my family. In dog's world, she is suppose to be 80 years old. Imagine, 80 years old. She started to reflexs slower, she can't jump that tall anymore nor she can follow me jogging anymore. But at times, she will still find her strength to accompany me to my walks even though it is very hard for her. She started to look old, started to lose her appetite. 

We knew it would come someday, but i didnt expect that soon. I wanted to hug her one last day, or just pat on her day one last day. It was just another 3 more days before i come back, but she didnt wait for me, but i believe that she had her reason. She vomitted very badly, and didnt eat for almost 10 days. Thanks to my mummy constantly feeding her 100plus, she survived that 10 days without food. 

I miss Emma a lot. No dogs will ever replace Emma, no dogs would ever take away my breath like how Emma did. Now that Emma is gone, i don't even know whether i have the courage to adopt another dog. I am so afraid of the dog that i love will just go like how Emma did. But now, i still have Oddie, Emma's grandson. He's not fantastic, but i still love him. 

For now, Emma.. Rest in Peace. Me and my family loves and misses you a lot.

Monday, May 25, 2009

totally adorable \^_^/

Went for my dinner in mmu corner today and when i just finished my food, i saw this really cute and tiny little kitten at my leg...purring and meow-ing for food. Found a piece of fish fillet and fed it to her. Even though the fish fillet is in laksa flavour, but she still finish eating it. and I am so in love with the little kitten that i don't care and swept her from her feet and cuddle her in my arms...look how adorable she is.... ^_^

After a little while, she got so attached to us that she even jumped up to my lap and also Felix's lap to just play around us...MY GOD!!~ I swear i so want to bring her home and name her 'fluffy' at that very momeny.. (don't ask me why fluffy, but i just thought of it randomly.)

We tried to put her down back to the floor but she didnt want to, she just keeps jumping up to our lap and playing there. And in the end, even used my leg to cross from one person to another one..=.=..isn't she adorable??

Look at her playing in Felix's lap. adorable??????????

I just can't stop thinking of her...LOL!!!

Another totally random pic of me with another cat. This cat didnt seem that tiny anymore isn't it? it is actually me that is
I haven't change much in my face

Sunday, May 24, 2009 rome, spain, uk, and paris

I know it's a little to earli to plan for my holidays, but i just can't hep by thinking the places that i will be going. :)

I will be flying to London on the 4th of next month and my sist had the whole trip plan for us. First stop of cos would be London, but we will be there for only a day and then next,


well, the 3rd place i'm not sure yet though, sist is thinking of going to Barcelona for the cultural, but at the same time she would want to go to Holland as well..hmm..where to go? that we'll decide when we are there. And next, 


my god, i want to go to rome for so long, not just cos they have like super hot hunks there, but also to see all the scenary..It would be one heck of a trip...

Then will be going back to UK to do some sight seeing for a few days, and then next time and last stop!~


Oh didnt see wrong, i'm going to paris, and also rome, and also spain and also UK!!~~ muahaha!! be so jealous of me...

But wouldn't know whether there will be any change in the trip though, so keeping my fingers cross and hoping nothing will come up to ruin the trip

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I think i'm going crazy.

I have a paper yest, slept for 2 hours. Woke up at 9 to study again.

Today.. i have 2 papers:)

so what makes that??

No sleep for me.

Will be having finance later and in the afternoon French. I so want to sleep, my bed is seducing me and i so wan to fall in it's warm hug. BUt i can't cos i know i can't wake up for my paper later. On the bright side, i manage to cover the chapters but how well can i remember? NO IDEA.....

Damn exams...Damn Uni Life.....

Monday, May 18, 2009





I freaking hate exams!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

old camera len. anyone can help me??

Found this old piece of lens in my house, any one can help me by seeing whether it still can be used with the modern cameras?? This lens was originally used with film.. SO.. HELP ME PPL!!!

So here it is!!~

which would kill me faster??

It's 3 in the morning and i am still awake. I wanted so much to sleep, but once i see the chapters that i need to study.. I feel that I don't even have enough time to study at all. Thanks to myself for sleeping the whole week. HAHA!! And bare in mind, I woke up at 8a.m this morning just to register the stupid courses. And MMU website sucks! Everything just clash and I wan unable to go into the website at all!! It was like war zone! However, luckily i manage to register the courses and the time slots that I desire. I deserve it ok? I woke up just to register!!!! Freaking tired.

Luckily I manage to catch bout an hour of sleep in the afternoon and was loafing around and goofing around instead of studying =.= So after a little supper, which was 1a.m, i decided that i should study( I know, it's a little too late isn't it?)

So here i am, just writing some updates. Don't want my blog to be abandoned too long, or else i would forget the password and even my email.

7 subjects for this semester:
1. Management English
2. Managerial Communication
3. Finance
4. Accounting
5. Marketing
6. Statistic
7. French.

I wonder which subject would kill me first??

I hope none. :)

I'm so smart that nothing can kill me. ( prasan sikit la..need to boost some confidence into myself)

But none the less, I really should do a lot a lot of studies only i will manage to get Bs for my subjects.

p/s i have new pictures, but i don't have the time and patience to actually post one by one in my blog. will update soon..promise :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Weather nowadays are so hot that it makes the ice cubes screaming for help. And when we have this kind of weather, what do we usually do? 

Yes..i think i hear some answer,which is hiding in our room switching on the air-cond full blast. But sadly, i couldn't do that. WHY??!! Just cause i needed to stay back for some more classes. and rivision class..No choice la..didnt attend classes at times that why hoping and wishing the lecturer would give us some tips. So..all i can do is just tell myself "Nevermind lah..stay back for you own good, study more".. But i really do not see any improvment in my studies..

The weather is so hot that it reminds me of a song "it's getting hot in here, so take of all your clothes~" it sounds something like this but i do not remember the name and the singer of this song. I don't know about other states, but Melaka's weather is killing all of us. Even longkang also don't have longkang water ad!! Imagine all the LongKang Fishes, what would happen to them..Sad..Took away thousands of tiny little lives. 

anywayz.. i did some rivison that day and it is only 2 chapters of statistics and my wall is already full with formulazz..imagine if i finish all the chaps, i might need to paste my roommate's wall..

So instead of staying at home and just sleep for the rest of the hours, I decided to go for Managerial Communication final's class. HOPING AND WISHING THE LECTURER WOULD GIVE TIPS!!! and also to enjoy some air cond think i so hardworking??!!Anyway, the class was a total disaster, we were like asking the lecturer, what is the format for final exam.. and he keep babling bout something which we do not understand(a negro, no offence ya, but i really couldn't understand what he is talking bout). he was like 'ok..the format is, you have 4 questions. And you need to focus this and that..blah blah blah..and then suddenly he said, but you don't have to study.' O_o|| what is that suppose to mean? so i raised my hands and asked ' then will the questions be like past years? Wanting us to giv definations?
And he answer ' yes yes, it would be exactly like your past year, but you don't have to memorize the definations.'
O_o??!! everyones face went blank, firstly he said that the paper is going to be the same as past year and then sudd he say no need memorize definations????? for your information, past year is all about definations.

That's my point, better if i didnt listen to his tips isn't it? now make me n my course mate lagi BLUR!!!! @_@ tak mati also fake la!!!!

anywayz, haven't eating my dinner yet, came back bout 9 something and finally cooked myself some spagetti, but smelled like rotten eggs and i ended up eating bread.. =.= while i was sitting in front of my pc, finally, i had the DETERMINATION!!! determination to what?? STUDY? no no BLOG!!! haha!! i know, i should burn in HELL... :P

Of cos as usual, i wouldn't end my blog without any here's a view of my very messy cupboard and a view from my room window. S you can see from my room, is cars, trees and a main road, so sleeping in E.P is never a late wake up for me..see the yellow strips, it contains metal inside it, so every morning, no doubt "TUNG TUNG TUNG TUNG TUNG" as the cars pass by, that's why la every morning you all can see me online so earli in MSN, now you guys get it?? haha! Ok la...will try to study from now, will update my process of studying though. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

just talking

Woke up at 9.44a.m this morning.. didnt know what to do..sat in front of my computer. started to browse through websites. And when i went out to the toilet, i realise is time for me to wash my clothes.. FREAKING ALOT!! threw everything to a bucket of washing liquid and left it there for a while..

And as i was waiting for the washing materials to adsorb into my clothes. It started to make me think a lot. 

Uni life is not that easy.. You think that you get a lot of friends in uni but actually no. I've been in Uni for 2 years. And it hurts me to say i don't have many friends.. I mean i have those 'hi-bye' friends, but never those for me to talk to seriously. Tell them bout my feelings. it's kinda pathetic though. During my first year, i have 2 really good friends that are always there for me..assignments, telling me to study for finals, not to hang out so much, friends for me to go out lunch with. and so on..tat was fun..and the good thing is that they are very nice for me to talk to. I was so grateful to have them as my friends. But since that we are going to major different things in Degree, we spilt up.. Both of them are still maintaining in a same class where else i wander off to other places..HMM.....maybe i m not doing enough to spend time with them. My other friends still take the trouble to actually contact them. But i don't anymore. I guess i'm just not that into maintaning relationships. If they find me then ok..but then if you tell me to find them on my own, i do not think that i will do so.

So no complains anymore, i can't blame the society that i do not have a good talking friend. I have to work for friendships. Uni life sometimes sucks.. You're on your on, you need to wash your own clothes, you need to cook for yourself, clean your room yourself, and so on. Where else at home you still have a family for you to depend on. I miss my secondary life. A always have my gang of friends to do crazy things with... Singing loudly in the class, skipping class just to go play basketball, hiding in society rooms so that we don't have to go for that class and so on. that was fun.:)

I mean, in Uni you get the freedom that you want but it's not the same. Now you skip class, the most you kena BAR la!! o else you will do like shit for your exams la.. Unlike secondary,you skip, the teacher will chase you to scold and so on. Breaking the rules are fun..LOL!!

So..i guess no more breaking rules for me for a long long time. just have to sit back and study. Talking bout studying! I need to study!!!!!!!!!!!! (DAMN, i have been telling myself this for the pass whole week =.=)

will update later.

Monday, May 4, 2009

cruising through time

So...when it's time for finals and you don't have the mood to study, what do you do??
EASY!! you just find lame excuses telling yourself that you are busy..for example?? Facebook-ing and blogging!! haha! and this is exactly what i am doing. has been a long day.. i went to all my classes...for the freakin first time!!!!!! haha!! because last week bah...scare i will miss my lecturers so mai go be a good student for the last week and small bowl went to pasar malam to get some things to cook for dinner..and 

not too bad la...haha!! Taste nice too..although it is not too salty for me... (i'm a cantonese,i eat things that are damn salty..)
Anywayz...after dinner..just want to sit around and do did some sit ups to get rid of my fats and when for my bath. And here i m sitting down in front of my comp with a towel around my head and a cup of green tea in front of me..enjoy le??!!BETTER STUDY LA!!!!

HAHA!! so i guess that's all..
Evey time when i want to blog sure i forget a lot of things de....

weird feelings...

I feel weird..
I dunno what to say..
Back Stabbing..Complains..Distancing from each others.
I'm not the one that is having this prob.
Someone close to me is. 
But i feel sorry for this person. 
I'm not in the situation so i dunno anything
I'm not this person's friend.
So i have no standing in commenting.
But this makes me realise.
Am i making people hating me as well?
Did i do anything wrong too?
Do i speak in ways that people don't like?
Did i do my part as a friend?
Is for Sharing
Is for helping each other.
Are for laughing together.
Are for hanging out.
Alot of people mistaken all these things.
Are for backstabbing.
Are for jealousy.
Are for talking bad.
Are for using

Before anyone wants to talk bad bout their own friends. is it time that they themselves sit down and think properly, did they actually back stabbed their own friends? Friends that actually trusted you??
If you did..
Do think twice before you backstab on another person. It hurts a lot.

So now..I will sign off..and think bout myself...did i do any better than those back stabbing people. I should know where i stand. and whether my friends hate me...

Friday, May 1, 2009

youtube search

Was going through youtube randomly and found two interesting enjoy:)

cruising in Melaka

OK....after all the hassle..i m in the mood for some i went out to D.P to get a present for my dear mummy....her bday is on the 29th but i wasn't at home so i didnt manage to celebrate it with her. At least i came back to celebrate with her. So manage to get her a pouch to travel during June.. she wanted to get it for sure a long time but she keep complainig it's very expensive so i just bought it for her!! Such a good daughter i m.. haha! And since i didnt go out dating for such a long time, i decided to spend some time with Him...To at least feel the love in the air..LOL..

Didnt have much time together lately due to all the assignments ma...Thanks to Gay Gay lending us his car..sorry for the hassle though. So after buying some goods from carrefore, we went to dunno what restaurant to get our lunch. Some japanese love the octopus.. haha!
here are some pic of us in the restaurant. 
Didnt manage to take pic of the food cos i was so excited with the food that i just gobble up everything b4 i have the chance to take pictures of it.. anywayz..did enjoy but need to go back earlier to prepare for my french presentation.
And the presentation wasn't that good..but the lecturer just said 'tres bien' which means good job...she's so nice that she said that to every one..haha! so i don't even know whether we are good o she's just trying to encourage us.

Just a random pic of me..just cut my fringe...did it myself..didnt want to waste RM25 going to the

peace out! ^_^

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