Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First shoot

My very first actual shooting is….? ICE-CREAM! Not like those that I shot normally, but this is intended, with props and ingredients.

First of all, even though the shot is not too bad but I feel it could be much better. We (me and Mr.Rabbit) used potatoes as substitution. One thing that we failed to do is to make the “Ice-Cream” look as if it’s melting. Using my house as the location, and some simple props, our process begins.







Not much words for you guys in this post, it’s more of sharing our experience in this. So if you like the photographs, well, THANK YOU! Open-mouthed smile Here’s one of my favorite shot.

Wait for it…



Wait for it….



Wait for it…..

It gives a certain Hawaii feel, don’t you think? edit5

If you want to know what camera we are using, what props are necessary, just go to Mr.Rabbit’s blog and find out. Me no good in all the technical things. Sad smile

Till then,

Au revoir

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Long waited post (part 3)

Sorry guys, the 3rd part has been delayed a little, but no worries, I’m back and alive! WooHOoooo.. Those that are always been keeping up with my blog, I’ll be away from Malaysia almost for 1 month, however, I will post some short post to keep you guys updated my where about. So stay tuned and you will be happy with I’m about to post. Smile 

As promised, this will be the last part of my Cameron trip. More G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S pictures coming up. Basically, after all the commercial farm + private farm visiting, it’s just chilling around Cameron and just to enjoy the cool air before returning to HELL downhill. We went to the official BOH farm as Rabbit says that it is totally gorgeous. Was a little disappointed as it is not as cold as I expect it to be. None the less, the scenery is Oh-So-Good for the eyes. Greeneries everywhere! Okok, I know you guys are impatient so stop cursing and swearing already, here comes the pictures lah!~


I swear those are muscles and not fats! *finger crossing*DSC_1313


OK, I know I look like Humpty Dumpty in this photo, but bare with me PleaSe? Without me you won’t even have this post to read! Smile with tongue out



After the BOH farm visiting, we saw this billboard with “animal farm” on it and I was telling Rabbit that we MUST go! So off we went. Basically, there are only goats there. =.= and they call it an animal farm! But I did have fun with the goats, they were so cute and friendly; kind of reminds me of “here mehh there mehh everywhere mehh mehh” (just in case you don’t know, it’s the Old McDonald have a farm song)

Me amusing myself with a baby goat. DSC_1336

Kind of a pointless picture but I just feels that my ass back view looks kinda nice here         DSC_1374



You see what I mean by a lot of greeneries? DSC_9375

This is a pretty short post, so I guess that’s all for now. Till then. Winking smile will see whether I’ll have time to post about my ice-cream shoot.



p/s: I miss my freaking long hair.

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