Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm back

I'm back in malaysia! and updates are coming right up!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

squirrel feeding in Ravencourts, London

See d cute little squirrel behind me?it's waiting for me to feed it.cute eh?
Exclusive in london only..=P

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sneak preview of rome

Just a sneak preview of rome!do stay tune!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I had my first breakfast in madrid!churos wit choclate!

Friday, June 5, 2009

4th June to U.K (day 1)

As our flight is at 5p.m so i thought we would have the time to just lay around and relax bit..but then who knows at 11a.m mummy told me she still have things to get, so we rushed to town and bought the things that she needed. And our taxi is coming at 1p.m. so reached home bout 12.30p.m and i was like "shit! haven't finish packing and i haven't bath" so i rushed to bath while mummy did last minute checking. As i was preparing myself, then..sudd i heard the main doors locking and hearing mummy say "ok! done! let's go!!" and i was like...'hello..i'm still in the house la!'

only then she realised she left the daughter in the house. =.= how amazing eh? n after all that, she was rushing me up and down to get out from the house and i was in such panic situation, took out my pyjamas as well.. and then after that forgot where my socks were and everything. All i can say is that everything were in a mess! and i do not understand why she is so anxious to leave the house, we have 4 more hours... =.= all the things packed and we headed to LCCT to check in. Thanks to my mummy's fren which is a taxi driver, we did get a cheaper price for the taxi fare. after checking in and all those things, we still have 3 hours to spare, so we went to Old Town to get ourselves some coffee being going in to the duty free which we thinks that they don't have coffee.
-->here's mummy checking her things again.-->LCCT's passengers..swarm with ppl!

Then we took our own sweet time to go into duty free and mummy wanted to get a book to read for the 13hours here i m waiting for her outside the shop.

---> my companion for the journey..
-->new wing for LCCT international flights.
---> air bus for the trip

OK.... the thing bout long hour journey is that you must have something to do on the plane...but unfortunately, due to our cheap flgiths, we do not have any entertainment or wat so ever, no radio, no movies, no nothing! everything that you want is $$. Luckily we pre-booked our meals online or else i think we might starve to death. Everything on the plane is so expensive but for foreigners i think they should find it quite cheap though. SO here's our first meal. Mine was Chicken Cottage pie and mummy's was having Nasi Briyani. It was awful but we didnt have much choice on air isn't it? I can't order McD's McLunch Value ma... -.-

The flight was so bumpy that everyone in the plane is getting sick. But i in the other hand, thought of Madagascar 2 King Juliant's scene in the air plane b4 they clash as he quoted "put your hands up in the air Moriss, it's more fun!" lol..not a very good thinking though isn't it? it was like sitting a roller coaster in the but yet scary.

Since there wasn't entertainment for us, they intend to sell us entertainment!!! for RM30..well..i think it's kinda worth while since you realli do not have anything to do in the plane. It's call the 'ePlayer' with in built movies and songs and games. At least it kept me occupied for 9 hours.--> our mini entertainment.
Didnt have that many of choices la, so i watched, 'a confession of a shopaholic' and 'juno' and some tv series. And once i finish the movies, i wanted some music to listen to. but most of the artist i don't even know, so i only have the choice of listening to Lady GaGa. And once i was listening to the song 'eh eh' i immediately thought of Felix's 'cherry cherry boom boom' lol...can't get you out from my mind i guess..haha!~ after that i felt very tired and i didnt want to watch anymore and i tried to sleep. but trust's not an easy job to sleep in air asia. thank to the NOOB Flyer.
at last after 13 hours( Accordingly we reached half hour early, but i felt it's long enough to kill anyone in a plane). We were free to land!!!! WEE!!~ it's was U.K time 11.30p.m when we landed. I didnt have the strength to take more pictures though..too tired and lazy to take the cameras out. so...sist came to pick us up and we headed SLEEP!!!!
More updates soon!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It's a totally random post. Was thinking that since i won't be updating my blog for 2 weeks, so my as well update something first la!~

was going to the pet store to get some biscuit for Oddie and found this cute little doggie..which totally reminds me of emma.

Then...i realise that gov is realli treating our town like a real life sim city...look what they do to drains?
Pity that house.... My grandma's house is just near by and she is complaining non stop...

I guess that's's just a very short bye everyone! see you all in 2 weeks.. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

what a day on MUET registration.

Well, i planned to take my MUET exams on Oct...and i went to Pelajaran Jabatan to get the form. As i happily went home to fill in the form, sudd....

Xiao Wan:" Ei, meikuen, i heard oh, MMU students cannot take MUET out from MMU le!!!!"
Me: "WTF??!!"
Xiao Wan:" Ya la, i just called MMU exam unit, they say cannot le! New policy, cannot take outside."
Me:" shit lor like this, i ad took the form, tomorrow I'm going to register and Thurs i'm going to be away from Malaysia till 20th le! Closing date on 17th oh!"
Xiao Wan :" i dunno oh, i just called just now, that is what they told me, or you try to call and ask see whether can o not, double comfirm lor."
Me:" ok ok, i go to online application and check first."

As i was going online to check for some info. WTF! MMU bulliten cannot open...Always do upgrade on the wrong time.
As i was scolding bad words, i called to MMU Exam Unit.

Me : hello, ini MMU Exam unit kan?
EU : ya...
Me : aku nak tanye ya, MUET boleh angkat dekat luar bagi MMU students tak?
EU : Tak boleh...hanye boleh angkat dekat MMU.
Me : Kenape aku tanya last week kata boleh? Orang tu kata kerana MUET time table clash dengan MMU finals, so panggil i pergi luar daftar angkat?
EU : Ha?? Macam tu ah...Aku tak pasti, you tunggu ya, i call tanya.

.......(10 SEC later)

EU : Hello, talian n gage la...
Me : Kalau macam tu boleh atau tidak?? Esok aku dah nak register! 
EU :Er....Tunggu ya..

....(hearing muttering at the background, with "tak tau" "tau pasti" "boleh" "Tak Boleh" and i was like "WTF")

EU : oh...boleh boleh angkat dekat luar.
Me : pasti tak??
EU : Tak tau...orang In charge kata boleh, then bolehlah.
Me : ......... oh..macam ni sure ok ya? nanti aku register kata tak boleh macam mane?
EU : Bolehlah...Orang in charge kata ok then ok la...
Me : ok ok...thank you..bye

After a short conversation with them.. I called xiao wan again, to tell her bout the news. And she was like
So....she called again and ask. N after 5 mins, she called me back and said that can ad... 

you say la...

WTF o not????

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