Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wishes before i die..

lol..it's not realli wishes before i die.. well.. actualli, i m going to have my first paper on 29th.. and i guess all MMU'ians wil know what i m talking about. However, there are so many more things that i haven't finish studying... *sob sob* but i will try my very best to finish all my studies.

Today..i m not going to talk bout my studies, instead, i want to play a little small game with you all.

--> First, take out a piece of paper.
--> Second, draw a circle on it.. Draw as big as you want. It's ok.

--> Third, put 5 dots in the circle. Before you put them in, try to imagine something. Every dot represents a person.
-Dot 1:Parents
-Dot 2:Brothers & Sisters
-Dot 3:Friends
-Dot 4:Your future kids
-Dot 5:Your life time partner Have you all put in your dots? ok..here is when the fun starts. I want you to erase one dot from the paper. By now you would know which dot represents who.
Done it? ok.. Erase another... And another...until you will left out onli one...

Not a very nice game eh? But it's a way to test who you realli want to be in your life. The circle represents your own little heart. And the little dots represents people that is by your side. So now you know who is important to you isn't it?

My friend once told me, some1 played this till it's so intense that she cried. Can't really blame her isn't it? it is quite a emotional game :)

I have a little story too to share.

God created 5 humans on earth. And gave each of them a very big tree trunk. He Almighty wants them to just walk...and walk...and walk...without any purpose.

After sometime, the 1st person said :"I don't want to carry it anymore! it's such a waste of energy. " And he threw down the tree trunk. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th person saw him doing it and followed him. Complaining that it's too heavy and there's no purpose for carrying it. However, the 5th person didnt do so. He was thinking, "if god wants me to carry this tree trunk, there must be a reason for it."

It's almost the end of the story, can you guys guess what is the ending??

Yes!!~ God wanted them to have the tree trunk so that they could cross the river. !!~

Therefore, it's just a little motivation for everyone out there. Never give up on what you want to do. Push yourself to the limit and you will be surprised by the results!~I will never give up, why should you all do so? That's all for this post. Gambateh to all my MMU friends that are sitting for their finals very very soon!!!!~

p.s sorry for the bad drawing, drew it very suddenly

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A very bz week

This will be a long one..so if you don't have the time..you should leave now... :)

Want to know what i did for the past week? Let me state it all out!~
i had...
  • IB event (International Buisness Event
  • A presentation on my stool which i previously mentioned.
  • Handed in 3 reports
  • Did my theatre presentation
  • Did 3 presentations.
Yes...in just 1 week!!~ seriously!!~ So let me start off with the first event of the week.. which is the IB event. IB event is divided into 2 parts, the morning session which is Great Bites 2009 and also the night event which is Golden IB Nite. So from the name of it you also know that Great Bites is a food fair lor... And yes!~ I'm happy to say that i m in charge of the morning event. I'm allocated into a stall call Yong Sheng, which is a stall selling mooncake. So let us see some picts ya..
during the open ceromony

Lion dance for the opening ceremony

Ok..in this particular pic, those are the people sorrounding the doughnut stall cos they are giving out free doughnuts to those that could answer their questions correctly. Students..and particularly greedy students..haha!~

Me SS-ing at the stall

This is a cup that i got for free cos i bought 2 packets of oldtown white coffee...i just love the coffee cup... :)


Next part, it's the presentation of my stool. As you all know, i've been crazilly doing my stool. So here's the finish pic of my stool.

My stool look great isnt it?? wait...don talk so fast...wait till you see the others...

----> look at mine next to it ;(

all students cramping to take photo with their stool


Another finish part of my week. The last one, my presentation for theatre!!~ At last after all the hard work and also the time and effort... Well, i can say that we did a splendid presentation cause i managed to cry!~ for real.. let me cut short the story for you all

I m a pregnant gal and my bf doesn't want me, instead he found another gal, and there's this guy that is after me. So, in the end, both of the guys went into a fight and before things get any messier, we started singing!!~ wow!~!!~!~!~!~ So let look at our cast ya..

So as we were practising, we manage to rent the whole campus library!!~ this is the first time i see the library which is empty..!!~

another rap!~


Lastly!~ the celebration of my being home!!~ Haven't been home for almost 3 weeks!!~ miss teddie so so so so much!!

That's the end of this post..will update more soon :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I need help to cure my laptop!!!~ see the patchy patchy things on my laptop? does anyone knows how to get rid of it???????it's finger prints....

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