Friday, September 30, 2011

Opera, Mountains and Family 2


What’s the stadium on above? It’s the Olympic stadium! The Olympic was held in Australia on year 2000.


You may ask what are these poles. Each and every pole is engraved with names. Who’s name? no, not the gold medal holders. It’s the names of all the volunteers helped in the Olympic. There are thousands of names on those poles.

Found a few that share the same surname as I do. *temporary glory*DSC_1784


After some light refreshment, we headed off to Blue Mountains. Why is it call Blue Mountains? Is it because it’s blue in color? Well, quite true, only that the mountain itself is not blue in color. Blue mountains has a lot of Eucalyptus tree, and when the sunlight hits on the leaf, it will release a type of gas that is blue in color, therefore creating the illusion as if the whole stretch of mountains is blue in color. Eucalyptus is eaten mainly by Koala. Koalas are very picky eaters, so this plant is their main source of food.


If you look closely at the photo, you can actually see it’s an engraving. It’s a kangaroo with a spear to it’s heart. This is one of the many aboriginal site in Australia. There are many more that has yet to be found as the aboriginal are very protective towards their culture. Aboriginal is something like Orang Asli in Malaysia.

And this, is Blue Mountain. See all the blue spread around the mountains? DSC_1800


There are no transportation inside, the only way to explore is by jungle tracking. Look at mum, the tense look on her face as the road is really muddy and slippery due to days of raining around this area. DSC_1810



The blue family in Blue Mountains. Open-mouthed smile


Me trying to tell mum to be careful. LOLDSCN4727

Natural waterfall. Not man made. DSC_1872


The whole time when we were tracking, I can’t stop humming the theme song from “Indiana Jones”. There are times that we have to practically stick to the rocks just to get to another side. *tum tum tum tum, tum tum tum*. You get what I mean RIGHT??? Just in case you don’t know, here’s the song!

We didn’t go on the cable car as we have to pay extra 25AUD each. DSC_1901

Poor mum. All exhausted.DSC_1904


M still humming the theme song.

Oops, got dust at the lens. Can’t be bothered to edit. DSC_1923


Can’t keep my eyes open due to the sunlight. Look like crap, but on the good side I have good skin and sparkling teeth! DSC_1927


What is wrong with the Mat Salleh and their naked statues? DSC_1931

I purposely put Sist and Mum out of focus so that you can focus on the 3 sisters. DSC_1940

Did not get a good shoot of the 3 sisters as we did not pay extra to see it. So there you have it. If you still don’t know what is the 3 sisters, just Google it! That’s all from Blue Mountains, we headed off to Flat Rock after that and it is breath taking and SCARY! You will know why soon.


Look pretty much like a moon surface isn’t it? There are no railings or anything for you to hold on if you drop. DSC_1946

Sister trying to get a closer look but terrified at the same time so she has to practically crawl out. DSC_1948

Breath taking isn’t it? Not the HUMAN! The scenery! DSC_1953


See how both of us stand in the same spot? Funny when you go through it from the camera.

Fluffy dog! But smelly too, I suspect the owner did not bath the dog. They have 3 btw. DSC_1960

Sist’s shot. DSC_1961

My shot. DSCN4792

Mum was too scare to do it, so she was standing behind and kept saying to be careful, so much so telling the rest of the tour mates to be careful. HAHAHAHAHHA. Come till Australia also want to nag people.

The tour ended with a cruise but I did not take any good shot so m not going to upload it over here. Wrapping up for the one day tour, we went to Paddy’s Market the following day before flying off to Gold Coast. We’re coming to an end in our blog post. Sad smile are you sad or happy? Am definitely sad.

Fatty eating again. LOLDSC_2078


To be brief, Paddy’s Market is something like our Petaling Street. With loads and loads of counterfeit products; and not to mention loads and loads of Asians.


Nothing much to take in the market as everything looks the same. Headed off to one of the nearby market to have our picnic again. Yes. We packed our own food again.







Interesting Design. DSC_2097

Spot me? DSCN4827

Sist said I look like a Mafia cos all the small kids were following me. It was like “Kids! We are going to kill someone today, follow me!”DSCN4828


Lunch break! “What should we have today? Salmon? Perhaps some steak?” DSC_2102

It’s good being a kid. So relaxing. Chase birds and do nothing else. DSC_2110

Guess what? I’m done with my post of SYDNEY! I have one last post on Gold Coast. It’s going to be a short one. So stay tune k?

Till then,

Au revoir

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