Sunday, June 3, 2012

A hectic May

It’s bee n a hectic past few weeks for me. A lot of things to finalize before I fly off this end of the month. Documentation, compilation, calculation, and a lot of things to arrange. It is a learning process though. This is my first job and I would not want to screw everything.

There was an event in Shangri-La the past week and I was there for the whole week helping out. It is definitely something new for me. The event is APEC Business Advisory Meeting. It is basically a meeting for business personnel to sit down in a big group and discuss bout the recent events and issues. A lot of delegates flew in from various countries and it was interesting to see and meet different background people.  All the business men and women are very humble. Even though they are some big shot people but they were not arrogant. They handle themselves so well, so poise, so elegant, and it makes me think of some people that I know, likes to act as if they know everything but actually they know nothing (shame on you).

I shall let the pictures roll in:



That’s my funny secretary. DSC01199


That’s my colleague (my only partner) and the MIC is another secretary of ours. DSC01205

We are very well fed in ShangRi-La. Food came in non stop. (still shedding the fats off)DSC01209

Yours sincerelySONY DSC

One of the tiny meeting room that I was handling. DSC01216


Not forgetting to keep my hands moist all the time. DSC01220

Secretariat room that we worked in. All the back stage things are here. DSC01225

We have our very own pantry. Free flow of coffee and tea. and FOOD~DSC01223

One thing that I didn’t like about ShangRi-La is their carpet. OMG! It makes me dizzy!

How can this not make you dizzy? DSC01222

The event is 4 days long and it is from morning 7.30a.m – 10 p.m. Dinner was also provided. Due to working most of the time, I didn’t have much time in taking pictures. We had dinner in KL Tower on the first night, Sri Melayu on the second night and KLCC on the third night.

 DSC01227Me and my secretary. Smile SONY DSC

The working crew.DSC01242

Dinner is served. DSC01243

That’s basically all the pictures that I have for this event. I have to wake up at 5.30a.m every morning and to reach hotel at 7a.m; reaching home at 11p.m every single night. SUPER DUPER UBERLY TIRED but it’s worth it. Not every one gets the opportunity like this.

After the whole event, of course lah I have to relax a little. Since the past few weeks we didn’t have that much time to spend together, we took the weekend off and headed back to Seremban. And by “we”, I mean my other half.

We took Teddie to Lake Garden (the only park that does not have a ‘no dogs’ sign). I guess this is the first time that he walking a dog, and such a tiny little dog. When he is standing next to teddie, he looks like a freaking giant!

See what I mean? DSC01259

“You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”DSC01253

Teddie can’t wait to go for her walk that she doesn’t even want to look at the camera. SONY DSC

He looks like a girl here. hmmm… btw, teddie was looking at a tortoise I think. SONY DSC

Hi tiny flower. DSC01264



Two sleepy head. SONY DSC




How can you not love both of them?


Teddie Holmes (if you get what I mean)DSC01292



I think Teddie likes him. =)DSC01308

After about an hour walk, this is what they did when they went home.


Till then,

Au revoir

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