Saturday, March 31, 2012

Roaming around: Roaring away

Dear all,

I’m back to update my second part of my business trip. However, for this post, it will be focused more on me roaming around the city with my friend.

he is happily playing with my new toy. DSC00410



After work crowd. DSC00419

Night streets of Bugis DSC00427


Found this obscene restaurant there as well. Wanted to try whether it’s really that obscene, but the crowd is too much for me to handle, so we just walked away.

Instead we went to another tiny little café that is opposite the obscene restaurant.




Hello famous street of Singapore. DSC00449

Went for the famous bubble tea as well. Way too overrated. Me no like. DSC00453




Crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Where’s the dragon? Hiding behind the camera (*hint: me!)DSC00497

Anyway, ended the day and went back to my room for a snooze.

Woke up all fresh second day and went for a dip on 57th floor! It was FREEZING!

I have a big jaw bone and excessively large ears, but what the heck. At least I’m unique.DSC00502

I wanted to post my bikini photo, but neh, I can’t handle the harsh critic. So I shall hide my sad little body behind nice clothing at the moment. Smile with tongue out My confidence is not that well trained yet. But I promise. Soon.

Me and one of the many organiser personnel. SONY DSC




Two of my very nice exhibitors. Definitely great companion. DSC00535

Funny guy. Had a great laugh with him during the whole exhibition.DSC00537

Laser lighting show at Marina. Not amused. Not at all. DSC00548


I was on the SHIP!! *dancing with my hands on the air*DSC00597

Dinner time. DSC00612

Me like this photo. It has some devilish feel in it. <3SONY DSC



Thanks for dinner and companion. Smile DSC00649

Last day with my exhibitors. DSC00681

Everyone was so jolly as it is the last day of exhibition. DSC00683

One of my exhibitor’s product.DSC00684

I think that’s about it on my Singapore business trip. I had a lot of fun and definitely learned a lot. Now I know that it is not easy being a coordinator. It is really really tiring. I came back and slept for 2 full days. Didn’t even have the energy to even fight with baby (he was away for his Bangkok trip).

Thank you everyone for logging and reading all my crap and appreciating my GORGEOUS photos! Loving my new baby (Sony NEX-3)


Till then,

Au revoir

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Business trip to the Lion City

Dear all,

Remember that I’ve mention I will post more often? Well, I’m back and with tons of photos to share! Open-mouthed smile Basically, I had a 4days 3nights trip to Singapore, not for leisure but for work. Our team is coordinating an exhibition over there (Asia Pacific Maritime) and I am suppose to bring my exhibitors for the exhibition. In conclusion, I am their nanny for 3 days.

Took off on 13th of March. Left my car in his house, and headed to the airport about 2.30 in the morning. Crazy right? My flight is on 6.05a.m but I left at 2.30a.m. Forgetting that I have already checked in and all I need to do is actually drop my baggage. =.= I reached there so early that the gate is not even open! I was in a total FML moment. I was thirsty (forgot to bring water), I was sleepy and I was tired. With all my strength, I kept my eyes open.

After dropping my baggage, I went for breakfast at McDonalds to kill some time. Staring at the entrance of LCCT and looking at the busy world going by. After it seems like forever, I checked in and boarded the plane. DSC00258

Went into coma straight away in the plane, when I open my eyes, we were almost landing. Reached about 7.00a.m and I was way toooooo early to head to the hotel so I was roaming aimlessly in the airport, comparing KLIA and Singapore airport. Let’s just say, Singapore airport is tiny but well equip.




To my surprise, everything was done in quite a fast manner. Maybe it is still too early therefore the crowd has yet to come in. The first thing that I promised myself when I reach singapore is to actually have a cup of coffee. And I did!

Cocoa Cappuccino. Apparently the new flavor and it was in Msia when I came back. DSC00266

23kg of stuffs that was carried by me. A-L-O-N-EDSC00269

Stayed at the airport till approximately 9a.m and took a shuttle bus to Marina Bay Sands. And guess what? The bus even provides up with WiFi internet. I was like WTF??! That is so awesome!

Thank God the room was ready in the early morning and I could check in right away. If not I would not know what to do till 3pm (which is the check-in time). Behold! My room in Marina Bay Sands. Yes, you’ve guess right, the 3 weird tower looking building with a boat on top of it. I stayed there! FOR FREE!!




And what is the fun when you have the whole to yourself but you don’t take some self shameless photos? SONY DSC

Headed off to the fair ground around 9.30 to set up my booth and to make sure everything is in order. DSC00281

Welcome to our Malaysian Pavilion. Smile DSC00283


Once I’ve already finish setting up, I was waiting for my exhibitors to arrive but I have set to see them so I just went out to the mall to have a walk. The shops are so expensive that I wouldn’t even dare to walk in and have a look and the feeling sucks!




Marina Bay Sands is definitely an art. That I really couldn’t deny. It is really well designed and it is linked to everywhere. You can get to anywhere by foot and you get air-cond along the way.

I got hungry from all the excitement and I bought myself a meal and headed off back to hotel to savour it and see what’s the difference from Msian food and SG food.

Seriously, I still prefer Msian food. Old habit is hard to change. DSC00303

After settling everything with my exhibitor, it is time for some own time. I went all the way up to 57th floor and to experience what is the big Woo-Haa is about. And when I am up there, I understand why everything one was Woo-Haa-ing about.







After chilling on the 57th floor for almost a decade, I went back to work. Went back to the exhibition hall again to make sure everything is still in order.

After I’ve finished off everything, a friend of mine came all the way to look for me since we have not met for a very  long time. And once again, I brought her up to chill. Smile 


After a good night of sleep, it is time to strive for the very 1st day of the exhibition! Woke up earlier for breakfast, had a good long shower and headed off to the exhibition hall as I needed to attend the opening ceremony.

Proud to be a Malaysian. Smile DSC00342

Settings for the opening ceremony.DSC00352

Well, something really weird happen. When I went into the hall, I was the earliest. So here’s a weird conversation with the organiser.

Organiser (Org): Are you here for the opening ceremony?

Me: Yeap.

Org: You can sit anywhere at the back, the front is reserved for the partner countries.

Me: Er….. I think I’m suppose to be in the few front rows, I’m Ms Foo btw.

Org: *Flipping through her paper* OH!!!! Ms Foo! Please follow me.

So she lead me to the front, when I was about to sit on the 2nd row, she said to me.

Org: No, Ms Foo, your place is here (pointing at the front row)

Me: HA????

And I saw my name stuck on a chair and I am suppose to be seated in the front row with all the partner countries representatives. It was so overwhelmed that I sat down totally stunned.

Org: Oh yea, later after the drum performance, we will call your name out and you can stand anywhere at the ribbon. You do know that you need to cut the ribbon, right….?

Me: What? What cut ribbon? What are you talking about?

Org: Oh, I thought you knew. Hmm…Anyway, you need to go for the ribbon cutting ceremony, it’s for all the partner countries. *walks away*

All shocked and blurred, I sat and day dreamt. So yes, I helped officiate the ceremony. Ironic isn’t it?

Well, after all the shock that I got from the organiser, went back to help out with my exhibitors a little and went for another function which is a marketing mission, where companies meet up and exchange call cards and introduce themselves a little. So I was just there to sit and assist just in case I am needed.


Ahhh.. coffee again. Winking smile DSC00409

Anyway, that basically sums up the first day and it is time for me to explore Singapore a little. Let’s leave that for a second update shall we?

Sneak peak:


Till then,

Au revoir

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