Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 resolution

Dear all,

I know it is a little late for a new year resolution. Trust me, I know it’s late. However, I did not know what are my resolutions yet, I’m still clueless but at least I have some tiny targets. So I’m taking this chance to share out to all of you.

Before that, small update on my work or maybe a little on life. Work has been good, starting to have a little more stress, a good thing I guess, it means that I am having more responsibilities and that my superior trust me to handle more stuffs. There bound to be some down days, where I just feel like smacking myself in the head or maybe just lay on bed and do nothing but frown. That’s the worst case scenario. Thank godness, I’m really really lucky that I have someone for me to actually release my tension to. Who exactly? Some of you may know him, some of you don’t. What ever it is, I’m glad that he is there when I feel down and to actually bare with my very weird temper. But hey! He is not perfect too, there are times that I have to bare with his weird temper. I’m not complaining, not at all. That is what makes who we are. Two halves makes one. Agreed? So let’s hope that you readers out there get to meet him soon. Well, that is after he approves I guess. He’s a little.. shy, perhaps? NEH!!! He’s never shy, just holding on to build up the climax of my blog. Some of you may be shock to find who it is, but some of you might just not care because you don’t know him. So, stay tuned. Smile 

So here is the very short list of my 2012 resolution. Might add on if I have any, but that’s about it for now.

  1. To actually be lighter than 50kg.
  2. To excel better in work.
  3. To go for at least 2 business trip.
  4. To build up better patience.
  5. To eat more healthy food.
  6. To smile more.
  7. To take care of my skin.
  8. To find Mr.Right.
  9. To be HAPPY.

Simple resolutions isn’t it? But to achieve all of it in 1 year, I don’t think that it will be easy.


Till then,

Au revoir

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