Thursday, June 16, 2011

Conclusion: The ending for an era

I know I’ve not been updating my blog for a really long time and my stats has dropped enormously. I’m terribly sorry to all my readers. I’ve been busy with all my studies and finals and assignments and not to mention part time jobs. I’m proud to say that I’ve officially finished my 4years course in Multimedia University! 1 year of foundation and 3 years of Degree. Can you imagine it? Me, an Uni graduate. Geesss *patting on my on head*.. Saying out loud makes me shy. XD

However, here I am back with some updates. Bit by bit. I have tooooo much to blog about and I hope that I won’t forget any of the events.

Where should I start from? *pondering* Let me just start with the very last moments with my Uni friends. Something to reminisce about. It wasn’t easy going through 4 years of University, however, thanks to all my friends, the ride has been wonderful and exciting. I have to admit that I do not have bunch and bunch of friends like some of the students. What I have is a tiny group of friends that I can always rely on.

Sadly, I did not managed to take photos with every single of them. Some were off to Internship, some were not around.


Half of them are actually my foundation friend. It’s amazing how we are still in contact after all these years.


These 2 are my course mates. We’ve been there for each other for so many semesters. Sticking together and going through ups and downs together. Especially the final semester eh?


Right before finals, 3 of us went for Satay Celup with the intention of eating all the famous food before we officially graduate from MMU. So here are part of the pictures that day. Smile

MMU outing


Next was my FINAL EXAM IN MMU! Do you even know how excited I was??


I actually took the time to slowly ‘slice’ off each subject. The excitement of doing it is still lingering in my veins!

However, what I really enjoyed was spending my time studying with my friends. Went all the way to Emerald Park to study as I was always alone in my far far away house.

Of course it’s not just study and no fun. It’s just not me to just work hard. As I play hard too! Studying is all about the process. XP

What did we do? Look at the below pictures and you will have an idea.

MMU outing1

MMU outing2

I am glad that we all did well for our final semester and it is now time for us to fight for our career, our future. We will survive at this open sea. Smile


Let me highlight something for you all. We went for a little break in Station One on one fine night. Gin ordered a Banana Split as she was craving for banana. But when the banana spilt came, this is what she got.


Watermelon split perhaps? hahahahahahahahaha!



Picture above is the condition of my exam. That is the very last paper in MMU and I thought it would be nice to keep it as a memory. Too bad I was sitting right at the front and couldn’t take a better shot.


Directly on that night, me and my course mates went to this new Korean Joint (DoaRae) for our celebration of F-R-E-E-D-O-M! The food there are OVER PRICED but it’s the companion that I was looking for.

MMU outing3

MMU outing4

MMU outing5

Even though the food is overpriced and it isn’t that good as well, I do want to give credit to the service there. They are very good waiters. Here’s one of the snap picture with them.



Another small gathering that we had was at BeiZhan, another overpriced restaurant..=.= (Why do we always need to go to throat cutting places?)

MMU outing6

MMU outing7

MMU outing8

MMU outing9

MMU outing10

Yes, these are all my friends that went through ups and downs with me for the past 4 years. Not too many but just right.

When you have 2 women together, you’ll have a gossip session going on. When you put 3< women together, you’ll have a market going on.

I’m grateful for all the things that has happened in my university life. I do not think that it would get any better.


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