Friday, December 31, 2010



Happy New Year everyone!!! Smile Something that I’ve done when I’m free.. so.. Have a great year ahead!!!!!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I’m an adult so treat me like one..!

Ok..Nothing serious.. Don’t worry.. Just want to have some fancy title to attract some readers.

So as you all know, I’m officially 21! *fireworks* But seriously, I feel nothing. Is that abnormal? I wasn’t planning to celebrate my birthday at all, but well, let’s just say that I’ve got a lot a lot of surprises this year. Firstly? I bought myself a pair of shoes, with my future salary, fine, that’s not a surprise, more like pampering myself. So, BEHOLD of my mighty SHOES!abra_kazam


Hie, I know some of you can afford shoes that are like RM300, but I got mine out from a sale and I still LOVE it! *boohoo!*

Mum got me a bracelet, as I requested!! Smile Sister got 1 necklace for her 21st but I wanted something more casual, so I went for bracelet..


Next on? It’s time to head back to Melaka for continuation of surprises!

My X rommie (anna), been bugging me to go for a meal in Seoul Garden (just in case you don’t know, it’s korean buffet). Well, since it’s just 1 day after her birthday, I went to do a post celebration for her.. But who knows that she and her current rooomie treated me that meal (there goes my diet)cry.

Bluetooth Exchange Folder4

Us in Seoul Garden.

Bluetooth Exchange Folder6

Bluetooth Exchange Folder7

Bluetooth Exchange Folder8

I combined most of the pictures together so you guys won’t get flooded with photos that you are not interested! But if you are, just click on it to enlarge.. XD

While waiting to go out, I was playing with Anna’s birthday present. hehehe

Bluetooth Exchange Folder9

*I seriously think that me and Domo do look alike but I’m fairer!!!*

We were in Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade for the whole day and it’s just girls day out.. It was fun. It’s a day that i needed to get away from all my assignments and FYP, and Yes, I enjoyed it a lot! And i found this relatively cute outfit which I couldn’t afford, so I just took pictures of it to remember how cute I look in it..hula_dance


I know the shoes does not go with the dress, but so what? SUE ME LAH!

On the day of my birthday, I was actually working. Where? MITC Melaka as a promoter for the same old boss that refuses to increase my salary!



And not only that, we had to hunt for place to sit down for our meal, and YES! on the FLOOR!!!!!!! see how pathetic i look?

You see how I was criticizing my boss? But hie, he’s damn nice! He made the whole PC Expo sing for me and he brought me CAKE! (maybe just partly, but it was darn loud kay?) Didn’t managed to take any photo as I was too humiliated.

After all the havoc in PC Expo, I headed home, and you guessed right, Mr.Rabbit came all the way back from Singapore for me! MUA! happyPicked me up from PC Expo, saying that wants to hang out with his gang for Mahjong, but actually I’ve already guessed he had a cake waiting for me, but I kept quiet lor…. Don’t want to ruin the surprise ma..hehehe


My 2KG secret recipe cake, and it is still sitting in my fridge (almost finish though).


Mahjong+Cake+Friends+Getting Old = My 21st birthdayhappy_birthday


You guys must be wondering what Mr.Rabbit gave me for my birthday isn’t it? Let’s just say he’s very thoughtful. Most of you might not think it’s romantic, but I LOVE IT!milk_hug Because I can actually U-S-E my present! With all the food and cakes and no exercise, he gave me an interval timer (many of you might not know if you don’t work out! TAKE THAT!)


My Pink Baby~


And today? I received a present from my best coursemate! Gin Gin darling~~ She gave me a set of travelling beauty set, OMG darling! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You understand me too much! Knowing I love travelling, she got me this


You guys must be soooooo envious of me (please be?)multicultural_dance

Overall, that’s what I did for my birthday, nice and easy. Just the way i like it, but more than what I’ve expected. I really want to thank everyone that made this such a special and memorable 21 for me. Would never ever even dare to think of forgetting this day.


Before I sign out,


here’s a picture of me getting FAT! So, if you don’t want to be like me, better start doing the workout in the video I’ve posted below!

So, I guess that’s all for now.. Smile


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Teddie discovering ShinChan Biscuit

Was out with mum yesterday and realised that Seremban has already 100Yen shop! *just in case you don’t know 100Yen shop, it’s just a shop that sells all sorts of japanese stuff that are reasonably cheap* So mum bought some stuff and I bought ShinChan Biscuit. I always wanted to buy, but I just feel it’s not worth that kind of price. However, I finally bought it this time around!


The packaging is really cute and I can’t wait home to try it!


As I was ripping off the packaging carefully, Teddie is nearby watching me closely.. With her big doll eyes, you can’t really resist her charm. So I gave her a piece to savour as well.


I put in a little wordings into it.. So I hope you guys will like it..














Of course I couldn’t give her more because I wouldn’t want her to get used with human food… But..! I have another treat for my 2 little gerbils too.. They love munching on cardboards and so on.. so instead of throwing the box into the rubbish bin, I gave it to my BeiBei DuoDuo aka Itsy Bitsy



Another totally sad story.. Oddie is still missing.. And we are not sure what to do anymore.. It’s almost a week now.. And we are still waiting (mum, me, sist and Teddie)



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Dog is Missing. T^T

Ok.. first of all.. My dog is missing.. NO, it’s not Teddie.. It’s ODDIE.. My older dog..

He’s been missing since 3days ago. Been going around and around my area to search for me but no sign of him. He is a disabled dog. He can’t run fast.. His hind legs are born shorter than the usual dogs. If you see this dog.. Please do contact me will you? Me, Mum, and Teddie are missing him a lot..




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