Friday, April 30, 2010

Decision of Abandoning my Blog

Good day everyone ❤❤❤… I have something to announce!!
I’ve made a decision to ABANDON my BLOG!!!

YES!!!! I MEAN IT…..however…… it’s not forever, for just about 2 weeks perhaps? XD

I’ll be going back to Melaka tomorrow morning and I will be leaving my beloved pink lappie in Seremban to have a rest from all the torturing that i’ve been giving her. So just cross your fingers that I will blog as soon as I finish my finals in KL!! yeap, I’ll be going directly to KL to have my internship so I will see those that are in KL really really soon. *smiles smiles smiles*

Even though I’m not really in a mood today but then by blogging now makes me feel a little better, and by the time i head to bed i should be fine. So before i leave, here are some pictures that I want to share with everyone.


Will definitely miss you Teddie.


My new pair of flats


Teddie peaking at me from afar.


“wha-chu looking at?”

Will definitely miss home a lot a lot a lot… Well, that’s a Uni student’s life i guess. Do continue to view my blog. I don’t want my traffic to do down. :D Please?????

That’s all for this post. Please keep logging in and pressing all the ads…love you all!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Video sharing: Annoying Orange

I’m here to share the latest orange video..!~ love love love the trailer ~ Enjoy…~

And this is the latest video of orange..~ you’re an onion ring if you don’t watch this.. HAHAHA

Sunday, April 25, 2010

On this particular day(Teddie’s story)

Teddie is all so excited to be playing fetch with me the other day..Here are a video and pictures to prove what I’m talking about.

23042010277  Teddie’s Red Bone

23042010280 Getting ready for me to throw

23042010281 Good girl!! Bringing back the bone for me

When we were happily playing fetch, suddenly, all hell broke loose! mum was shouting on top of her voice and soon I found out that Teddie did her business(poo) in one of our rooms. That’s why mum is shouting from upstairs. Instance, Teddie’s expression changed..

23042010283 Heard Mum yelling and it wasn’t a good sign.

23042010284 She knew something is wrong.

23042010287 And then she went to hiding..I guess that’s the end of our game today.


So what we did was put her on a chair for about 10 minutes so that she’ll know that she did wrong.



23042010296  Giving me her sad face hoping I could help. Sorry Teddie, you’re on your own. >.<

23042010302 After she know that i’m no help towards her, she don’t want to look at me anymore.. T.T you good for nothing brat..~

So here’s a post on how we punish our little dog. Not by spanking her. By just telling her. =)


Friday, April 23, 2010


Yes..As crazy as my title is, I’ve been travelling around these 3 states for the pass 2 days. I went all the way up to KL to just have a look at my future residential area. It was alright but the house is in a mess! Well, I’m just going to stay in there for like 5 months, so what the heck, confirmed the room and will be moving in on 17th May!! Don’t have pictures with me though. Too bad. >.<

So went up to KL on Tuesday and came back on the same day, and when I finally thought that I could sit down and study for my finals, I realized that I did not bring back my calculator for my finance subject. How clever I am. So on Wed afternoon, I took a bus straight back to Melaka just to get the pathetic calculator and of course some stuffs that i could carry back. Of course I took the opportunity to peek at Mr.Rabbit too. =D


Took mum’s netbook back just in case i got bored and God Damn It! I’m so glad I did not went back to Melaka for study week because stupid Emerald Park is having a construction and they are starting to thump in all the big big “sticks”(what so ever they all it, Don’t Care and Don’t GIBADAM!) My room is practically shaking and the whole emerald park is having a BLOODY earth quake. Why do they choose this time of all time(finals around the corner) to build that building????????bang wall


Anyways, back to the happy parts. I was Bising-Ing=(keep pestering)Mr.Rabbit to bring to OldTown for coffee and he did! so nice of him. Despite he has all the presentations and everything up, he still manage to steal 2-3 hours of his time for me, Me, ME!!!!!!!!keke This particular OldTown in Melaka is quite different. In what way? It’s half restaurant and half bank. Yes, you read correctly, half of it is owned by CIMB Bank, so you would do your banking while you are eating! (imagine a person trying to persuade you invest in that bank and there you are slurping Laksa into your mouth!) Here comes the pictures! *drums roll*

21042010242 copy 21042010244 Order of the day, curry mee and ice blended Hazelnut coffee (ridiculously expensive for a cup of coffee)



Perhaps something for dessert??

21042010248 21042010249

Coffee lava ice-cream. It’s alright la..not fantastic, don’t think it’s worth that price either..


Apart from that, I bought myself an organizer. Yes, I know, it’s already April and i’m only getting it now. But I can’t resist myself! It’s so nice! and the quality is good! and it’s CHEAP!!!!!!




Guess how much was it?? it’s only freaking RM9.90! and they give your 3 packets of free coffee as well!



So I came back this morning, and started some studies(some=almost 0). And little Teddie wanted to company me through my tough time. XD


And what is she doing now?? ON MY BED!!! enjoying my comfortable bed!

 22042010265 Would you just look at her…!!!!! Spoil brat!




Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teddie the Rascal

Ok.. here’s a post about my dog, Teddie.

It all start about a month ago where my dog is unwilling to eat. She just wants human food, fruits and anything that is not hers. So how do we get her eating? We have to sit by her and slowly use our hand to feed her only she is willing to eat. And she kind of grew out of it and wanted more. Now, she wants to sit by the table with us, only she is willing to eat. How did this happen?

I was talking to my mum about Teddie and her willingness to eat. So i had this crazy idea and told my mum to give her one of our bowls and put in on our dining table and sees how Teddie will react. Sure enough…

20042010235 She started to eat. So we just ignore her and she still continues to eat.

20042010240Mind you, that’s the bowl that me and my sister used when we were young!!!!!

I’m now starting to wonder whether this is a dog or a human….sweat


Let’s just hope she continues eating in the future. She’s already skins and bones. Do not want her to just fly off when a strong wind is near.



Sunday, April 18, 2010

When I was in Seremban

Hmm….so what are you things that I could do when i’m in Seremban?? Of course spend time with my family!! That includes Teddie of course.

Teddie is a dog which enjoys fruits a lot and yes I mean A LOT!!! Particularly Mangoes. 17042010206

She loves grapes a lot too but she couldn’t eat as the fruit acid in grapes would kill her. Wouldn’t want that to happen to her don’t we?shake



The other day, I went out with mum to jusco i can’t remember to get what. Oh wait. To get hair band for myself. Didn’t take pictures though as I don’t feel it’s relevant with it. Had pizza for lunch as they have the “ekspress Lunch” set. I had spagetti and mum had triple chicken pizza. The spagetti was alright, not a big fan of it though.

                 16042010195 16042010194


Not only that, mum went for hair cut and we brought Teddie with us too. Everyone in the salon was like

Your dog soooooooOOoOOooOOOOOooo C-U-T-E!!!! What dog is it???????????

Teddie gets more attention that us humans..=.= Idiot you Teddie..



Am having breakfast every morning now. What a healthy life..!!


My little gerbils are enjoying my presents in home too as I am the only person will feed them with yogurt.

               17042010210 17042010212

Not only that, fruits and yogurt is part of my life now…. LOVE IT!!






Isn’t it nice? For RM50..i get this well-designed and laser mouse!!! love

18042010224 When I was opening my mouse box, Teddie is curious too!


My gerbils is enjoying my mouse box too!! aren’t they cute?


That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more!!!



Good night everyone

Just a very random post…wanted to just wish everyone good night and I’ll see you guys in the morning =)




Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finishing of FYP

I’m done with my FYP!!! Yes!! Finally.. And i’m so relieved. Passed up today but guess what, i’m in seremban when my FYP is being passed up. How come? Of course lah i asked my Mr.Rabbit help me to pass it into the lecturer’s pigeon hole keke


I actually finished on Tuesday and I came back to Seremban on Thursday. Mr.Rabbit knew I was very stress and also because we haven’t been meeting a lot so he being Oh-So-Nice and brought me to Toast “n” Toast!! I love the bread there because it’s so traditional but yet so tasty. love

 13042010180 13042010179

13042010178 copyMr.Rabbit playing with his new lens and me at home playing with my photoshop..haha..! not a bad effect eh??

Thank you Mr.Rabbit for bringing me there =D


So as you can see, the bread looks nice! and of course it taste good too!

Last weekend i worked in Melaka PC fair and it was boring. But luckily i have Anna with me and at least we have something to talk about during work. If not, I think I will really bored to death.

11042010177 11042010176 

I started work during last thursday to earn extra $$ by helping to arrange the goods and products. And it was alright, not too much of hard work, all we had to do is work till 4p.m. But we had to wait till about 6 only we could go home as we were waiting for our lovely boss that went MIA (missing in action) for more than 3hours. So me and Anna went out to the lounge and bought a can of 100plus and just talked.

              08042010167 08042010168

Can’t really remember what we were talking about but i love the emotion of anna. wohaha

DSC07574I waited till i got so bored and i end up stacking up all the cardboards and sat on top of it making weird faces.

That’s all for the moment, will update more about Seremban later on =)


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