Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Being spontaneous isn’t that bad afterall

Dear all.

I’m back for more juicy post. I know it took me a while to get things in order, but at least I came back for an update isn’t it?

As mentioned in my previous post, I had an unintended date with him because we went to 1 Utama for something that I couldn’t remember. Once again, we couldn’t decide what to have for dinner and we headed off to Chilli’s. Was suppose to be a simple dinner end up we went for something quite rich and fattening.

Let me point this out to everyone. He is basically quite  a simple person, when you ask him where to eat, he will always give you the few places that he usually go. Doesn’t really mind going to the same old place all the time. Some may call it boring, but in a way, he is considered loyal….? Just an assumption.

His Magarita. DSC01009

That’s him before going all red. DSC01015

DSC01017     DSC01028

DSC01024     DSC01025

I really gotta stop posting post on food during late night.. it’s making my tummy rumble like nobody’s business. (tight diet la, just in case you don’t know).

Just in case you don’t know again, I’m a big fan of burgers. DSC01026


Want to see what happens when he has just a few drop of alcohol in his system? Oh, how I enjoy seeing him turn into a lobster.

Can you see how much difference it is with the before and after? DSC01032

While he turned into a lobster, I on the other hand, has no affect from the alcohol.


Putting aside all these, we had a good time fooling around with my camera and actually no caring how others think. =)


OKAY Moving on~

You guys missed Teddie? DSC01059


Mum’s bday celebration in Seremban Lake Garden. (mosquito feeding period) Spot TeddieDSC01098

I look hideous in this photo but I don’t care because it is the only family photo that we have on that day. DSC01100

The 2 birthday girls. They are born in the same month. =) 60 years apart. DSC01102


DSC01120    DSC01121

Mum and her gang of friends. Thanks for being for my mum all the time. DSC01118

Loving the cupcakes. DSC01122

Ok, what’s next then? From the picture above, you can see that my sister is back in Malaysia. However only for a short period of time. She had a performance with MPO (Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra).

Had complementary tickets and brought him to explore something different. A little bit about my side of the story. Before that, a little bit of Nom Nom session

He claims that the picture of me look good, but I highly doubt it. I look super distorted!

DSC01136                                     DSC01137

Now, this is much better!!! MuahahahahahahaDSC01135

Hmm… Caramel Macchiato, taste good?DSC01144

Ridiculously over-priced salad. =.=DSC01151

Overall, the concert is good. However he was trying very hard to stay awake as it is not his genre of music. *poor baby*, am certainly proud that he kept awake even though I have to keep nudging him from time to time. and right before the concert, we had a stupid argument that made us in silence for almost half an hour. I can’t even bloody remember what we fought about! How stupid is that??!

That’s all for this post and let’s hope that I have more to blog about later on. Life’s been pretty busy lately with work and all sorts. Am preparing for few upcoming exhibitions and it is stressing me out. No worries, I’m still hanging on.

Signing off with love.


Till then,

Au revoir

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