Thursday, April 21, 2011


Gosh.. while backing up all my stuff from my lappie. (yes, my laptop died again, and yes, it’s the motherboard again >.<) I was going through pictures of me and my family in Europe.. DAMN i miss that trip! Let me show how F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C it was!110620092415

Squirrel feeding in the park..


On the way to Cambridge to visit my couz.. Had nothing to do so we did this.. (below pic)



One really antique feel kind of bookstore (you can practically smell the books!)

DSCN1341 Can’t remember what this is, but it was definitely fun. Look at my expression!

DSCN1373 Cambridge, where my couz studies, it is crazily beautiful!


One of the food market in UK, they have all sorts of food imported. Just look at the cookies! it’s making me hungry..

DSCN1636 The original London eye, Malaysia is the later version of it, ok, the *phail*  local version.

This is only pictures from London, I still have Madrid, Rome, and most of all, PARIS! See whether I still have the mood to blog about it or not. :)



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Technical Problem

I’ve not been blogging for some time is because there is some minor problem with my laptop so i’ll get it fix by this end of the week and hopefully i’ll have more updates to follow up.. so just be a little more patient.. and I will blog out everything.. *pinky promise*


A picture taken when Teddie fell asleep on my bed with me. Aint she sweet?AF986ACD4E707BA1865D5F4B7C8F08DC[6]

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