Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Week in Seremban

Since i’m so free in Seremban, what would i normally do? I do not have Astro at home, nor do i have PS2 at home, and line is so slow that i need 2 hours to load a half hour of Sex and The City in PPS. The question is, what do I do? Well, if you really do want to know, I DO NOTHING! Just being a baby sitter for my pets, taking care of the monkey Teddie, going in and out of the house with mum, i guess that’s all then. So this week is almost the same, went to Pet’s Neighbour to get Teddie’s nails cut, and saw this incredible beautiful Siberian Husky, with big bright blue eyes which cost almost RM3k (ridiculously expensive). Went to the bank and mum says that she wants to go to Tesco, with Teddie with us! How do we accomplish that? By putting Teddie in a doggy bag.

While mum were inside shopping in ‘wonderland’ i were outside with Teddie with a cup of McFlurry and Teddie with her own treats.


That’s her in the brown bag..nice eh? she has her own travelling bag.

And today, i went to Jusco just to find my text book for Research Methodlogy. Mana tau, they told me there’s no stock and only you can get it from One Utama, and even so you have to book that book. So i said ‘what the hell’ and went out of MPH. Went to popular instead and worst! The salesman just told me “we do not sell college text”.. Oh what the hell AGAIN! in the end, mum bought some stuff for herself and we bought a key holder together.

311020093422 The tiger is mine and the lion is my mum’s. Can you imagine a 60 year old woman is using a same key holder as I am? cute eh? You rockx mum!!!

p.s Will be going back on Monday night. Didnt want to wake up so early to take the bus back to melaka on Tuesday morning, so i decided to go back on monday night. damn….. Can’t make up my mind whether i want to go back to Melaka or not.

This is the song that i've been listening for the past few listen to it *thumbs up*

Friday, October 30, 2009

Life back in Melaka

What have I been doing back in Melaka? This is the 2nd semester for my 2nd year of degree, and I must say that i’m quite happy with my time table for this semester. NO FREAKING CLASSES ON MONDAY AND FRIDAY!! *claps claps* thanks to my arranging to time table of course hng . Since I’m that free, what did i do while i was in Melaka apart from watching movies?


This is my roommate’s ‘religion book’. what she have to do is to copy the whole book with the same old wordings and you get RM100. I mean, people actually pay you for doing these kind of things, and is that call sincere when you call someone else to do it for you? Not so i guess. I felt bored and i did a page for her, and i tell you, it’s no fun at all!

And next, with the extra time on hand, I went to Jonker!!!~ For what? Of course la food!


281020093417Do Ignore the hand 

Next, had a short walk in Jonker and found this very annoying bag tag and of course! Instantly thought of my sister. :P


So after a short walk, the sky is turning black and of all places, I went to Pantai Putri. Not a very good time to go eh? but I love the rain if you do know me well.. So here’s a snap of the so call gorgeous beach.

281020093418 Not too bad for Melaka standard i guess..

Nothing much though, just plain old Uni life without someone by my side this time. Not complaining, just a thought..

p/s: I miss someone

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Cruise

Woke up at 7a,m this morning because i want to bring Teddie for a walk in Seremban Lake Garden. Just wanted to train her on the leash and let her be familiar with people around. The weather was very nice, windy and cloudy, so much so that i thought it would rain heavily, but who knows the strong sun came out and is shining like one kind now. Anyway, Seremban Lake Garden did renovation back then and it look so much better than few years back. Here are some proof!


181020093372 This is only partial of the garden. Imagine my poor little Teddie walked one whole round of this garden. Up and down the stairs, up and down hills, from grass to walk ways. By the time she finished the whole garden, she became like this…..181020093371 With her tongue sticking out to catch a breath 26

 Had breakfast with mummy first, and waiting for TJ to come down. He wanted to pay seremban food a visit so i brought him for ‘frog’ soup and ‘clay pot chicken rice’. Didn't manage to get picture of it because i was busy talking me. That fellow, never seen him so shy before, in theatre class blah blah blah…but then today so quietsweat. He didn't have much comment on the food though, wonder whether he really find it nice or not. Bought some ‘Siew Pao’ and he headed back to Puchong. So I headed back with mummy too. Can’t stop laughing at Teddie cos she is so exhausted that she don’t even have the energy to sit still.

181020093376 Even though how tired she is, she is still willing to take pictures with me26




Isn’t she just adorable??







P.S: I’m still reading my book and i’m enjoying the time passing slowly as things goes through my mind.. It gives me time to think bout a lot of things. Guiding my along the way…

Deepavali To Everyone!

So.. what have I been doing this Deepavali destive day? Basically..nothing though. Apart from my dogs being scared to death by all the firecrackers, other wise is just great! One funny thing happen thing morning though…28

My almighty little Teddie challenged my older dog Oddie!!~ Teddie is a house dog, so she stays in the house with us, but Oddie is a guard dog, so he has to stay at our compound to help safe guard our house. What happened this morning was that mum didnt tie Oddie up like normal due to all the fire crackers, we wanted Oddie to feel comfortable running around the house too. However! My little Teddie ran to the door(which was blocked by a net) and barked at Oddie! Oh My freaking God21! Oddie look as if he was going to eat up Teddie22 ! They never went well together, but this set Oddie to his fire. 

ted odd

Well, at least Teddie is a tiny little dog so we managed to pull her back to provoke Oddie more24 . All went well apart from this i guess.

I stayed home with nothing to do apart from sleeping and reading my book. But our neighbours are nice enough to bring us festive cookies!171020093369 Have much more but didn’t take photos of them, these are the cookies before i finished them. Was kinda hard for a cookie but it taste seriously nice.

Watched “The Proposal” with mum at night (yea i know it’s a little late) and i loved it! The movie was so sweet…And Magaret remind of myself but well of cos i was the ugly one thoughcry . Loved the movie and loves Sandra Bullock! She’s gorgeous for her age. No wonder Fahmi says that he gets turn on by just watching her in her formal wearssweat .

So i guess that’s all for my Festive Season Update. Chiaoz…

P.S: I’m having sore throat due to all the cookies i had30  Sleep tight everyone :)

sleep tight

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Video Sharing

Brought my dog for a nail clipping session but instead i found this dog named “otto” who has a very special talent which is walking with 2 hind legs. Enjoy :)

This one is my precious little Teddie. Was watching Marley & Me and she herself is barking at her own reflection :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Buddy Day Out

I haven't been meeting my buddies for quite some time and after some arranging and after some waiting.. I finally have the chance to go out with them!!!! So introducing the gang!!~


Pei Jing!~ My crazy partner that always makes me laugh.. and not forgetting that she is a very patience person, would not fight back even we kacau we know that we are safe to say anything to her. Love her so much! My best friend.. Know her since i'm 13, so it's been 7 years now and we are still best friends J


And this is my super chun friend. Have been friends with her since I was 2!!!!!!! So we are 18 years friends now.. She is super duper leng zai. She's no other than Carmen!!!!!~!~ I guess a lot of you already know who she is if you are close with me. Nothing to talk bout her though..if you want to know both of them...just click the link that I linked them!!

Attendance : Meikuen, PeiJing, Carmen

Location: Jusco, Seremban

Time: 12p.m-3p.m

Purpose : Just to hang.


My food for the day!!~


Those of you that can read chinese..i find it very funny with using百年好合chopsticks in a restaurant.. =.=

Ok...nothing much though..just a lot of gossiping, a lot of chatting and a lot of laughter. Haven't been laughing so much since I don't know when. They will always be my buddy...going through ups and downs..thanks so much guys! You are always the best to me! However, I do miss my other buddy that couldn't make it today..Hui Ting!!~ we miss you so much! Come back to Seremban soon PLEASE!!!!

Btw..the part that i burned my's getting is peeling off and i thought it would be like this rest of my life.'s getting BETTER!!!!! SEE!!


That's all for the moment! Chiaoz!!~

P/S Im broke because of this book



This is something that I wrote during my finals exam. I guess it's just a sudden idea and I picked up my guitar and started strumming the rhythm. I didn't know what to write for the lyrics so I just made something up and I don't even know what to name it. So the first thing came into my mind was "stay". It took me a lot of courage to actually upload it to youtube as I do not know what the response will be and I don't think I'm good enough to upload it. But I do want to share my happiness of completing my first song. So here it is. Thanks for all your time for listening to it. Do leave some comments and I'll improve and hopefully soon will have more self composed song. Don't mind my bad guitar skills and also bad singing, m not a guitar player. I'm a piano person ^^


Hey you, would you look at me

I have a song for you

Hey you, would you hold me tight,

I need you by my side.

Don't you leave me here

In the cold dark night

I fell so alone

Could you tell me why?

Am I just bizarre?

Would you do the same way too?

Baby baby I love you

Never thought I'd feel this way

Baby Baby would you stay

Stay through the night

Don't you leave me here

In the cold dark night

I fell so along

Could you tell me why?

Am I just bizarre?

Would you do the same way too?

Baby baby I love you

Never thought I'd feel this way

Baby Baby would you stay

Stay through the night

Baby baby I love you

Would you feel the same way too

Baby Baby can't you see

I've already fell in love

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Partial Updates

After some super super intense week, or should I say 2 weeks??!! I had 7 subjects lining up for me to die. However, I can say that I am quite proud of myself and I did well..Fairly Okay. I can't say that I did well; some might even think that I did not do enough for it. But due to all the subjects I had, I manage to fight 5 wars successfully, the two died wars were Business Ethics(which, the two died wars were Business Ethics(which my mum said that I did not have any ethics and I can't do business, blah..blah..blah) and also Organizational Behavior(which I only had less than 24 hours to study 15 chapters.) I did have to blame myself for not starting earlier for Organizational Behavior, but I was so engross with the MUET exam I had 1 day before my O.B subject. I guess and *crossing my fingers* I hope that I will pass for my two died war papers. But!!~ At least everything is over now and I could rest a lot! So..This means more and more and more sleep for me!~ WiiHii!!~~ My friend told me that I sound like a hibernating person; all I do is just sleep and sleep and sleep. And I guess that's true then. I do need a lot of sleep to gain back my dead brain cells ma! Susah you know exam for so long neh. So what did I do right after my exams? I don't want to tell u all ah! ~ Secret..LOLX! Only people close to me will know what I did isn't it? Anyways, cousin bro was having wedding dinner on Saturday night, and guess what? I fell sick! I don't know what's the cause of my sickness is but I was definitely suffering a lot, I guess it's due to the entire bad food intake I had during exams and lack water and too much too freaking much of coffee. I was vomiting my head off on Saturday night and I needed my uncle to fetch me all the way back from the restaurant to my cousin's house. Was lying on the bed and thought a lot of serious case things. For example, what I want to do for this coming holiday, should I go for a short course on animal grooming? Or should I focus on my song writing? Or should I focus on my photoshop skills? Or should I just sit and do nothing and spam on PPS?? Lolx… So many things but so little time. Maybe I should just spend more time with my mummy and also all my petsssss at home!~

Miss the time with them so much! But here's a picture of me before I collapse.


Anyways, when I came back for my MUET exams, it would not fulfill my time and effort took if I didn't eat Seremban's famous beef noodles!!!~


Went back for O.B paper on the following day and story relates back to the previous paragraph. After I woke up on Sunday morning, my stomach is growling like one kind due to that I did not eat anything during Saturday. So I and my cousin sister headed off to Melaka Raya to have brunch. Went to 新大陆 for our brunch. The shop is kind of like a little Taiwanese shop, which of course serve Taiwanese food lah.. I ordered chicken noodles and green tea, while waiting, was reading 老夫子… those were the days I guess!~ Here is the picture I took before I gobble up all the food.



I was so hungry and I felt sudden warmth in my tummy after finishing my food.

Heading back to seremban, I need to hand in some stuff to my friend, Zack. He ordered some goods over the internet and I'm in charge of doing all the transaction for him. After a week plus only that I manage to hand in the stuffs for him. Hope he likes the things!!


I guess that's all for this post, will post more in a few more days, organizing what I want to blog first.!~ too many things to blog about!!!!!!!!!


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