Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last meeting before saying good-bye

It’s already Monday and I think I’m having Monday blues. Have to work after the long enjoyable weekend. Well, let’s just say that things is going for a turn. Little Rabbit is going to Hop to SG and I’m left alone in KL with 4 walls next to me. Now now… Buck up and don’t drop a single tear. Am here to blog about how I spend the last meeting with Rabbit.

Met him in KL central, and then after I put the things down, we headed off for dinner. I always wanted to try out some of the shops in KL and since Edvinn told me there’s a pretty nice Tong Shui house is Subang Jaya, and off we went.


The never ending queue.


This is call the Beeping UFO. It works quite nicely. You place and pay your order at the counter, and they give you this. What is this suppose to do? For those that has already been there, you will know, but for those ah-lian and ah-pek like me that has never been there, I’m going to let you know! So that next time when you go, you don have to be like an ah-pek standing at the counter waiting pointlessly.

I think the purpose of this UFO is to cut the waiting line. *I think* So after you place and pay your food, you can sit back at your place and wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNTIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Beeping UFO vibrates and blink with LED Red Light!! I mean, how chun is that? Good way of waiting and not being worried whether is done yet, constantly turning your head to the back to look at the food counter.

23052010541 Rabbit is fascinated with the Beeping UFO. He was like, “why the hell did the counter give me this thing?? What am I going to do with it??” Now you know. =D

After about 8 minutes, our order is ready and the Beeping UFO is vibrating!!!!!!

23052010542 I ordered Sea Amber Jelly(right side) and Rabbit ordered the BestSeller. I guess it’s not too expensive, it’s just RM5.50 for one very very big bowl. But I still don’t think it’s worth it because it’s just all ice beneath it. By the way, mine taste a lot better than the BestSeller. I wonder why is it the best seller in the shop. Maybe they just made it up.

23052010543 23052010544


After the Tong Shui, both of us are too full to eat the actual meal. So we went to Asia Cafe to just pack something to eat.



Guess how much is it for 6? It’s only RM4!!! Can’t believe that I could get this price is Subang!! Melaka is RM3.50 for 4 only!! I also bout fried chicken but I didn’t take picture of it cause it look a little grouse after it cool down. 

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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Finally, I have the time, strength, purpose to sit down and really blog about it. As you all know, I’ve already started my Internship in KL. Well, things has been going alright I guess. Everyday doing the same old thing. Wake up—>have my breakfast--->walk to work--->start to work--->wait for lunch--->after lunch work again---> work again--->wait to go home. So practically, everyday is the same old routine. I didn’t take much photos lately as I feel so darn lazy to even switch on my phone camera. But I did manage to take a few pictures for you guys (I can’t just babble through the whole post can’t I?)

19052010521 19052010527

All dress up for work. I look professional don’t I? haha..


This is how my company carpet look like. So most of the time I do not wear my shoes when I’m working XD19052010528 As you can see at the left, there is where my boss sits. Most of the time he’s not in, so when i have nothing to do, i will just sit on my chair and turn circles *weeeeeee~*

21052010529 This is Atria Mall, the only mall that is the nearest to my company. So every time after lunch, it is a must to walk there, to burn some calories. Nothing much there, but I can buy all the necessary things from there. There’s a Guardian and Giant there. So it’s quite convenient for me.

So I guess that’s all i can update for my work. I do the same things every day. Documentation, presentation slides, flow charts are all my duty. One thing that I don’t know whether it’s good or bad, my seat is super duper cold!! I’m wearing long sleeves+jacket and yet I still feel cold. So i’m an ice-cream everyday!!!! Well I should be grateful since the weather is so hot out from my office.


This week, I came back to Seremban. Since there’s nothing for me to do in KL. Friday directly after work, I took a Taxi to Taman Bahagia and then to KL central and home here I come!! It’s sooooo good to be home. KL food it’s alright, but it’s so darn oily. Feel like an oil barrel everytime i finish eating something. LOL!!

22052010531 22052010532

Back to see my little Teddie too. I cut her hair but it’s not that obvious in these 2 photos. Don’t like all the hair covering her eyes. Makes her look so Emo..  XD

Went to Jusco yesterday to meet up an old friend. And how nice of him to treat me StarBucks. Thanks Dude =D. I also bought some mask (yes, I’m getting old and I need to take care)


Did one yesterday and i’m feeling so so so fresh. Damn. I’m getting addicted to these things. Have to hold on first and wait till I really earn my own $$$$

So I’m heading back to KL and m meeting Mr.Rabbit later on.*keeping fingers cross* Tomorrow is my 2nd week of work. So soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, at least time is passing faster than I imagined. 4 months..should be easy I HOPE!!

Found a very funny picture from one of my folder and I’m gonna share it with the whole world~!!!



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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Starting something New~

So….. I’ve finished all my papers!!! That’s the new news. But the last 2 papers wasn’t going as smooth as I thought that it would be, but well at least it’s finish isn’t it? Nothing much to update this time on though. Am currently in KL now, will be working tomorrow~ *hip hip hooray* (as if there’s anything to be happy about). So here are some pictures to kill the boredom you have from seeing all the words~


Seriously, I dunno what they can fish from the big drain. Rubbish perhaps??

12052010495Had my geeky glasses on. In the bus going back to Melaka last week to fight for my last 2 papers.


Super duperly cute sticker for phone. And it’s suppose to minimize all sorts of radiation. Bought 1 for my friend too, but dunno whether he likes it or not.. T_T


After finish all my paper, it’s time to move house! I’ve been leaving in Emerald Park for the past 3 years, and finally I’m moving out from that crappy place. Well, not too crappy, at least I have all sorts of memories from there. Will miss Anna and all my house mates. They have been such good companion to me for the past 3 years.

15052010508 These are all my junk accumulated in 3 years. Have a lot more but i threw it away~

15052010509This look so alike when I first moved in to Emerald Park. So empty and so very little things.


Went back to Seremban on Saturday right after my last paper and then this afternoon(sunday) unpacked everything and moved directly to KL (such a busy schedule! MY GOD!!)

Before I left, as I was in the toilet taking a nature of calling, Teddie peeked in to see what I was doing. You little pervert.~

16052010510 Spot her!


Took all the things and moved to KL and my new little cramp room is full of MY THINGS!!! I mean literally packed with all my things. Here’s a little view of my room.

16052010512 16052010513

Mind you, that’s my room space only.. very small.. Oh well, it’s just for that 4 months, so what the heck isn’t it?

After settling in, as just when I wanted to boil myself a cup of soup, my friend called me and asked me for dinner. So I waited him from 6-7.30..=.= From Seremban also reached ad. And he’s coming from Seri Kembangan. And how come it took him so long? Because he got lost. wohaha


Went to Wong Kok restaurant to have my dinner, but I just had a small piece of bread because I haven’t quite yet recover from my sick yet. So now i’m back in my small little room blogging in front of my computer. =D




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Monday, May 10, 2010

A long lost week

It’s been a while isn’t it? I’ve been in Melaka for the past week to fight for my finals exam. Seriously, I don’t feel much pressure this time round, not that i want to show-off or something, but seriously, nothing much; well apart from on the very morning that I’ll be seating for an exam. So here’s a little update on what happened for the past week. Have you been following my blog? Have you been clicking my ads?? XP

 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*01052010424 Found a nice little cat in MMU corner (somewhere near my Uni). Love her pose. She’s so pretty and not to mention clean!!! Still talking about cats, the cat in my hostel(not mine) gave birth to 4 very cute kittens~

04052010439 04052010438

04052010444 04052010445


So next, where to? After my paper on Thursday afternoon, I have a sudden urge of going out to have some good food, so i called my housemates, told them to get changed and off we went. Went to Jusco as well because Anna haven’t been there before so we brought her there first and then headed to fetch Kaya(our old roomie). Didn’t take much pictures this round as we are all busy eating(paid bloody RM19.8 for the food of course we would want to eat more! More! MORE!!!!)

After the very fattening session of dinner, we went for dessert(i wonder how we manage to even drink water after consuming all those food, I guess it’s true that gals have 2 stomach XD).

06052010451 I love the dessert there, just in case you don’t know, it’s a kind of Chinese herb dessert(龟苓膏)


The picture above if our old rommie(Kaya) and the present one(WanYi).


This is my roommie for the past 2 years and m so sad that I’m going to leave her next week for internship. *BooHooHoo*


On Friday as I was busy studying and memorizing all the notes, practically squeezing every th

ing into my very tiny and limited brain, hostel made an announcement that they are coming to spray all those Aedes things, and we were like: “This kind of time??!!” (everyone is having exams on the 2nd day).

So, we prepared everything that we would, wearing masks, keeping all our clothes, putting cloth on door gaps so that the smoke won’t come in. And worst of all, I’m cooking at that very moment.=.=!! What a timing isn’t it?

07052010457 This is how we shut the gap between the doors.


Playing with anna’s fish eye lens. Mind you, they are not busy studying for finals, look closely and you can see that they are actually reading “crayon shin chan”.

 07052010461DSC08375                                                                                                                                                                                                    This is how we prepare for the mosquito spraying session. Normally as what we encounter, there will be bundle and bundle of smoke going through any possible hole, but this time, there’s no smoke, there’s no smell, and I wonder what they are spraying. =.=!!~ Waste of effort “dressing” up for the very special occasion.


Lastly, it’s time to head back to Seremban!! Yes, time to get home. Well, I haven’t finish my papers yet, but my sister left this morning, and so i just came back to say bye and also to celebrate Mother’s Day. So on the way home, took some really really random photos.

08052010464 08052010465

  Again with the dramatic sky.


Don’t know why, I just like this photo, even though it’s over exposed, and the color is weird, but I guess that is what makes it different then. LOL!

Bout mousse for celebration with my mum and it’s just a very small gathering at home and some non-alcoholic wine. Simple and Cozy.


After saying good bye to my sister this early morning, me and mum headed to Terminal 2 to have breakfast and also to buy a bag that i spotted yesterday. And here it is!!!! *drum rolls*

09052010484 I know it’s not LV or Prada or even Juicy, but well, i just need something that is practical and yet look ok. So here it is! =) And in the very same shop, I bought Teddie myself a pair of geeky glasses.


09052010487                      09052010490

Oops, that’s not me wearing it, it’s Teddie~~~~~~

09052010482                            09052010481

It’s ok la, what do you expect from a RM9.90 glasses wor~

So that’s all for this week’s update, will see whether I have the time to do more updates after my finals or not. Last 2 more subjects, all the best to me and I’m heading to KL after that!!~



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