Monday, October 31, 2011

I’m still alive

Just to let you all know, I’m still alive. Very very much alive, sorry to disappoint some of you. On the sunny side up, I’m currently working in KL and using all my strength to adapt to the new lifestyle here. Not complaining k? Just adapting. Photos are lacking from my blog lately, and I know my Gold Coast post is still pending. I’m so sorry everyone, I promise I’ll do a blog post in these 2 days. =) it’s a promise. Don’t worry. So before that, let me share some of the photos that I think it’s worth looking twice.

Shots are taken from Australia.


One of my fav shot. DSC_1727





Last but not least, the iconic Australian Kangaroo!


Till then,

Au revoir

Saturday, October 15, 2011

After 4 long years.

I know I’ve been taking a long long breather from blogging, but I swear I did it for a reason ok? I’ve been travelling. As in A LOT. Before you get all “you’re so rich attitude” with me, I’m just travelling around Malaysia and it’s not for leisure purposes. Sunny side up, I’m no longer unemployed. Open-mouthed smile Will be starting my first official job really really really SOON! This is part of the reason for me going up and down between KL and Seremban. Went for medical check up, to hunt for a room, to buy furniture and so forth. After that down to Melaka to have a small getaway with Mr.Rabbit as we haven’t been meeting each other for almost 2 months. It was a tiring getaway but it was worth every single moment of it.

Oh!! And and and!!! I’m officially a graduate. :D are you people proud of me? I know it’s not hard obtaining a degree in Business Administration (for most of you out there), but it was a little struggle for me as there are times where I really wanted to give up. However thanks for 1 peculiar person, I’ve made it. I wouldn’t have made it without the support of this very special person. Which is my mum. Let me take every reader’s time to Thank you and say that you are truly 1 amazing rugged MOM.

All proud and happy. DSC_4276

4 years, I’ve been in MMU, been through ups and downs, hell and heaven, you name it, I’ve been through it. One very big role of MMU is making me even more independent.

I did not managed to take much photos with my friends as I was helping Rabbit with his convo shot, and till now I’m still helping him with editing of photos. I guess that’s the responsibility of being a “photographer’s gf” isn’t it? Pay attention on the “ ”, I’m not saying that he is the best okay? None the less, I still adore his skills.

Managed to snap a few with my mum before I got off helping Rabbit.



Classic throwing hat routine. Too bad it wasn’t with a bunch of friends. That’s alright, I believe I would still have the chance. In the near future I hope. Smile DSC_2208

I’ve did it.

I can finally say this. Shame on those that think I couldn’t make it in the end. PROVE YOU, YOU & YOU ALL WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till then,

Au revoir

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