Monday, August 30, 2010

Working in 1Utama

As I promised previously, this post would be posting on working in 1Utama. So basically, what am I doing in 1Utama? And what am I working for? dunno

Easy.. It’s for an upcoming movie call “Sammy Adventures.” it’ll be in the cinema on Oct 7, so those that would like to have a glimpse on this movie, you may, and it’s gonna be in 3D version as well. Not too bad I may say, oh, but you’ve gotta see it to believe it. :)lalala

So there I am in 1Utama to promote this movie and being there to give out some freebies and letting the public play with a new software call Augmented Reality. It’s not that new to me as that’s Mr.Rabbit FYP title, so I’m quite familiar with the software, have already played with all the “square square” things. You will know what I’m talking about in a while more. shake

07082010963 This is the square thing for the game.

So all you have to do is, show this to the webcam (it’s programmed to read this square thingy), and you’ll see Sammy crawling out from the TV (sounds like Ju-On isn’t it?), but you can come to Midvalley on the first and second weekend to pay me a visit as the road show will be there on that two weeks, so if you want to see me, just come over to Midvalley on the first 2 weekends of Oct.


That’s just me playing with the “square square” thing. Was there earlier to help out with the setting up of the booth and also to just kacau (being busy body).

It’s a very easy job I must say, but it’s definitely boring.


As you can see, kids are more interested in the technology than the grown ups. So i’m just basically stalking all the kids and giving out the freebies. And the guy on the right bottom is my partner of the day. Not too bad of a guy, very entertaining. 

1 Just a very short post to sum up everything. These 2 kids particularly caught my attention. The smaller kid, was holding the card for the past 3-4 minutes without moving and without any expression. Gosh~ I was laughing my head off.

But I want to thank Mr.Rabbit for waiting me finish my work for the 2 days. Thank you for being so patient with me. :)love



Next up?? Having fringe again and Melaka short visit.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Me and my stamp collection

Yes, as crazy as it seems, i use to collect stamps. But it was ages ago. So don’t judge me! So as I was going through my cabinet, I saw my little stamp book and decided to have a peak and see what I used to be like.  X)

So here are some photos as proof.abra_kazam


Here’s my stamp book. Very simple isn’t it??

Bluetooth Exchange Folder8

Here’s part of my collection. As you can see, I’m already a huge fan of animals since a very very very young age. Cats, Dogs, you name it, I love iT!!!! Most of the stamps are actually bought rather than collected from letters. I don’t know whether you all remember it or not, there used to be vendors that come into our primary school and sell all these kind of things. All I can say is, “DAMN THEY KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY OUT FROM LITTLE KIDS” As I recall, it isn’t that cheap as well! Oh well, at least now I have something to blog about isn’t it?

Bluetooth Exchange Folder9

Here’s some of the stamps that I find it interesting.

a) That’s our Negeri Sembilan stamp!! And it’s still the same after so many years!skipping

b) The one in the middle, it’s actually a stamp from Japan, I don’t know how I got it, but it’s definitely very cute!!

c) A crab on a stamp, I wonder whether they really use it.

d) The person in the stamp, it’s actually my uncle, I was like “WTF is my uncle doing in a stamp??!!”

e) This is the best! Thailand stamp! Coconut head! I think i would laugh to death if I receive a letter with a coconut head on the stamp (no offence to all those Thai out there. x).


Last Thursday, I went to ……( Oh wait.. i need to go for lunch first.. XD )skippy



Ok! I’m back. So what’s next? Oh ya! Last Thursday I went out, despite I’m sick. I just didn’t want to stay home and be all E-M-O! So my “Gay” best friend came to pick me up and went to SS15 for SnowFlake and also Starbucks, I promised him that i would treat him SnowFlake after I get my salary. I’m a person that keeps her promises..

Since I’m sick, I can’t take anything cold so I took hot Tao Fu Fa. It’s not fantastic but it’s alright. 19082010995 After SnowFlake, Edvinn wanted to go StarBucks for a drink so that he could work on his application for a certain project. How nice of him to treat me drink.. *let’s hope i get more of these kind of chance*you_cant_have_it

As usual, I didn’t know what to order so I told him to make the decision for me. He order “Signature Hot Chocolate” for me and it really taste like melted chocolate. *yum yum*!thinking_of_you


 Google Talk Received Images So basically, that’s all for this post, will see what else i could dig out to post more.


Next post.. Working in 1 Utama.


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