Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coffee Fan~

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There isn’t any words for me begin how much I LOVE coffee… Coffee to me is my daily source. My energy booster and what ever positive things that you could think of. Sadly I totally cut myself out of coffee for the past week due to all the sickness I’m having and now that I’m all fit and healthy, COFFEE!! HERE I COME! Yesterday coffee, this morning coffee, this afternoon coffee and I predict another cup for me tomorrow too. People that would say “too much coffee is bad for us”, stop reading this and get yourself a cup of coffee cause’ you ain’t know nothing bout’ the good ness of coffee.. Smile

Updates coming up, just give me some time to finish off my FYP presentation first..


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Think you’re good enough?

Here’s a short video to tell you how good my dog is (trying to praise myself for being a good trainer). Com’on. she’s not too bad, at least she listen’s to me alright? so enjoy. Will have more updates soon. Been busy for these few weeks and the lack of updates made my blog dead all over again.. Sorry my readers.. I promise I’ll be back kay? ❤❤❤


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