Thursday, April 30, 2009

still bz..

well..i'm still bz as usual...but at least i manage to finsih 90% of my things...left tonight, French presentation..
LOL...i know...french..
I speak like as if it is Thai...
How ever..
I will be going to Paris soon...need to know French^_^
I want so many things.
I want a iPod
I want a PSP
I want a new phone
A phone that is 

Something random. I found 2 songs that i like
2 very different style of

Friday, April 24, 2009

Stressing all the way

Stress Stress Stress.... Plz go away....
Here i m writing you a song
Dedicating to you, Stress..
I thought you left me long ago,
didnt realise that you were always beside me
Standing beside me,
Pushing me
Telling me that you will always be with me.
Never thought that i would felt this way.

Stress.. what i wonderful pharse
everywhere i walk there you are standing there
waving and smiling at me.
Assignments, papers, errants you will never miss
how i wish u would just go away.

Wishing and wanting one that that i will be stressfree,
singing the song without you by my side.

I will try to put that into a me i will :P

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

updating some photos(second part)

Here are some left out photos from last post..
--->me with danny

---> Mun Hoe

---> zhao feng

--->me on stage performing

Those were some of the pic that we took during the song composing concert..yea i know..i look like crap..
Next up!! Melaka historical day! It was a thursday, and we are all stress we wanted to go out for some FUN FUN FUN!!! so earli in the morning, we went to Jusco to get Sushi King as it is having offer, but we totally forgot that it was jusco day and it was totally pack with aunties aunties. I can even see a lot of MMU is a pic of them grabbing bags which are 80% off... they were grabbing it as if they dont have to pay for

See what i mean?? haha...
So next, i promised my housemates that i would go out with them to get some stuffs for dinner. it is a holiday harm enjoying isn't it?? so here are some pic of us SS-ing... it used to be 4 of us..but well..some one dropped out from our gang...

Sure you guys recognise this place if you are a mmu student :)

The shopping begins!

the trio...we took this during going up the esculater.. Ppl are looking like us as if we were freaks..


Headache when it comes to paying money

so care-free

what's this emo??

The stuffs that we bought for our dinner

we headed home after that...spend so much time just to shop there...but it was worth's cheap and it is also fun! so long didnt had so much fun with the gals:)
So when we reached home, it was already 6 something, so we waste no time and started to prepare the stuffs for dinner. I was in charge of disecting the chicken as you can see from below, was a struggle with the knife that could not kill anything,but i still manage to finish it... *PHEW*

The ingredients to marinate the chicken. I can hardly see the chicken from all the ingredients =.=

My two helpers with the chicken

Mashed potatos...Yummy

Chicken in the pot..

This two, went out the door for a while just to get some normal air outside and they found thrill in going in agai cos of the aroma of the food that we are preparing... =.=


-->this is actually chicken soup

That's the whole course. French Fries, chicken mushroom soup, chicken and also mashed patatos. All of us are so freaking full!!!!!haha guess tat's all for the updates..tat's a lot...

that's a pic i took at BBU apartment..not bad eh??

Sunday, April 19, 2009

updating some photos(first part)

Talking way way way back.. Here are some pics of our WCs getting ready for the event "The Micros Song Composing Concert". So there they are...preparing the so call 'planets'..haha

And there...our fav activity of the society, going to 'yam cha'..but this time is more high class yam cha...
Initial burgers.... see the revolution

See the blue water bottle?? That's mine... that monkey took and filled it with coke..

On that event day, here is our gorgeous back drop... Me and Felix used the whole night just to make that little mascott in the middle just to look normal. Not bad, it took us like more than 12hours just to finish this..damn...and then...after all this hard work...

Bamm!!!! It's gone!!!!
Here are some pic of the event night this bola is our open ceromony thingy. they said it's cool, but i feel it's total waste of time. LOL
One of the band performanceOur guest of the day....
Me and Carmen, played 2 songs for her that night. Not bad though, one of her songs were chosen to be recorded in the radio...*claps claps*My hardworking assistant danny... Mashi in the middle and Felix with the gay poseThe only pic i have with Carmen in formal, Damn photographer..My Self Designed event t shirt. Ignore felix at the backMy very funny WC. Jeff..Was dancing on the table with him while getting this damn mascott doneBye Bye my little precious.
OK!! enough of the stupid event. And don't even get me started, there are so many freaking things that i m so angry about...
So after all the problems..comes the nice lunch. haha!! Went out to grab some stuff to cook with Small Bowl and also anna.. Spagetti again.. so here are some of the ingredients...
Tasted nice though! not salty enough onli
Finally..after a long long long long long 2 weeks, i finally can BALIK KAMPUNG!! damn i do miss my darlings at home..
Something that i found from my house. A little mice from Venice. Bought by my Daddy... :)
After coming back from Seremban. Felix's WCs were having CyberP project. They are selling Burgers and some fries and drinks.. They deliver to your house. So here are some money cheating french fries. LOL!!

I'm not done yet folks.. I will have part 2 though! so wait up!!!

Here are the links of my performance on that event. Do watch! :)

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