Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long waited post (part 2)

As promised, here’s part 2. After wrapping up day 1 in Cameron, we had an early start the 2nd day to avoid congestion of human beings. it’s Saturday and there bound to be a huge crowd everywhere we go. Woke up at about 8 and went to get my favorite cup of coffee and headed out to Strawberry farm to see whether we could get any fresh and nice strawberries.

I’m dead without my cup of coffee in the morning.1308962118284

Strawberry with the morning shineDSC_1085

Went to this strawberry farm with 0 people in it and we were happily taking photos and looking through every plant in the farm.

He was telling me: “Faster take picture! the cactus is bigger than my head!!!!” =.=DSC_1075

OK, my mistake, not many photos there as it’s just a very small farm, but the coming farm will have tons of pictures!DSC_1059

Strawberries bought from the farm. It’s as juicy as it looks!DSC_1216


Next on, to one of the commercial strawberry farm. More photos taken there cause it looks more pleasant.





You know what people say bout blur pictures, they often look better. Open-mouthed smile


“Don’t mess with me when I’m taking picture!”DSC_9223

DSC_9239           DSC_9226


As the farm is getting more and more congested, we headed off to some of the private farms. We aren’t suppose to enter the farm, but with some polite asking and also sweet talk, they let us in. Open-mouthed smile


The sky is crazily blue, Mr.Rabbit was so excited that he told me he wanted a photo with the sky. *weirdo*DSC_1230

City gal, Kampung landDSC_9257

Was too busy climbing up and down the hill that we didn’t have much chance to take photos. Went to one of the insect farm and there is when my hair stands up to all direction. If I can, I will bring in a can of shieldtox with me and spray all of them to death! *cruel me* Please have a round of applause for being that brave! (shameless face)

Shame on you people! the cactus did nothing to you but you want to put your very shitty “artistic” drawing on them. How would you feel if I drew it on your arms? SHAME ON YOU WHO DID IT! I HOPE YOU READ THIS BLOGDSC_1196

Geli 1DSC_1197

Geli 2DSC_1162

Ultra Geli 1DSC_1165


Geli 3DSC_1168

After that we had the privilege to go to even more private farms. Farms that no ordinary people can enter but we managed to go due to Mr.Rabbit’s uncle is working in the farm and he has access to all those farms that they import vegetables.

Our ride of the day

DSC_1242            DSC_1245

DSC_1253             DSC_1243

Him being very happy with the rideDSC_1248


Does not look nice and it doesn’t smell nice either. But it’s an eye opener. DSC_1257




满天星 *direct translation* Full of StarsDSC_1271


*Phew* I’ve decided to stop my post here and continue with the 3rd part later on. Gosh. Did not realize that I have that much of photos. More to come.

Stay tune SmileDSC_9187

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Long waited post (part 1)


Yeap, you’ve got it right, I’m blogging bout Cameron. Like FINALLY!

Me and Mr.Rabbit has been planning this trip for like F-O-R-E-V-E-R. From Lang Tengah – Singapore – Langkawi – and then finally agreed in going to Cameron. Might not be the best place to go but oh, what the heck. He only has time for this and my wallet only has budget for this. *pathetic lots*

Headed out from KL and started our journey about 10 in the morning. Had our breakfast and headed off to Cameron. It was a great weekend for the both of us. it’s been long since we had a proper chat and actually spending more than 2 hours together. So I guess it’s a good bonding trip for us? But hie, that’s what you get for having a distance relationship. Sad smile 

A beautiful picture of mua. XDDSC_0902

Not forgetting to SSDSC_0888

When I’m not too happy with the picture *epic face* DSC_0896

OK.. enough of pictures of me. Wait, maybe just one more? hahaha

Why am I waiting? *this picture looks as if I need botox, damn I’m getting old* DSC_9120


The only 2 decent photos that we have. DSC_9122

Enough photos from the waterfall (more like self absorb pictures). Next up is up the hill! We stayed in Tanah Rata area which cater mostly for tourist. The rates there are cheap and well, decent. It’s near to all the things that you need. Convenient stores, cafes, and my all times favorite, StarBucks.

Stayed at 8 Mentigi GuestHouse which is quite alright. Rates are fair enough but I particularly like the location. It’s far away from the busy town but still walking distance and it is CLEAN! that’s the good part of it. front_nightr58h

And it actually looks the same as it’s in the picture. Cozy and nice. For more info, log into http://www.eightmentigi.com/

OK, advert enough for them already. Am not paid for it ok? Just want to share it out with you all!

Here comes all the pictures! Get ready for pix-flood!

Walked to a near by café called The Lord’s Café. Yes, the whole place is decorated with Christian things, but I don’t really mind as the food is GOOD and CHEAP

Here’s a code for you all, just key into foursquare and it’ll bring you straight to the destination!QR_Droid_44628

DSC_0904               DSC_0928

A must try Strawberry Cheese cake. DSC_0935

After lunch and a little rest for the afternoon, we headed off to a tea plantation. One of the many tea plantation in Cameron. That’s the problem with Cameron, you won’t know which is the actual place that you want to go, so you will just have to “hentam” (guessing game) and see which place gives you a pleasant feeling.

You can even smell the tea. It’s has a pure and nice scent to it. But be prepare to get some workout when you want to go down to the plantation. DSC_0949


I actually liked this picture. Don’t ask me why, I JUST LIKE IT! You DO NOT question the creator!DSC_0963

DSC_1009          DSC_1036

DSC_9134          DSC_9167


Oreo Cheese Cake that SUCKS. See how picture can deceive people? DSC_1041

Spend quite some time in the tea plantation. Have tons of  pictures but I do not want to scare away all my readers, plus my photography skill ain’t that good to flaunt it yet. So you guys are lucky!

I will leave the post where it is and update on the 2nd part. Have some more pictures to go. So stay tune.

1308909723556Signing off temporary. Smile 

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