Friday, August 31, 2012

City of Taipei

Hi everyone!

I’m back from all my business trips and what ever thing that has been going on these 2 months. After the last post, I was preparing myself to Taiwan for another exhibition. My first ever exhibition was on Marine industry (just click on it if you forgot) and so this is the 2nd official exhibition that I am handling which is on food industry, Food Taipei 2012. I have a total of 8 companies with me and I was terribly anxious as it is more than my first exhibition.

Before I start telling you my stories, let me kick off with some photos.

A good breakfast to kick start the day. DSC01358

All my necessities when I go overseas. DSC01361

I had too much things to carry so there wasn’t much pictures taken after that. When I arrived, I rushed to the bus station and took a direct bus to the exhibition hall so that I could have a glimpse on whether the things are all fully equipped before m clients arrive on the 2nd day (I wouldn’t want to be complained).

After making sure everything was in order, I went to the city to meet up with one of the Malaysian government director as there are some stuffs that needed to be sorted. Right after that, we headed to ShiLin night market with me all sweaty/smelly/disgusting/2 bags. Trust me, it was not fun.


See how sweaty I am? DSC01380

“I’m a little teapot short and sprout.”DSC01384

Taiwan ahmoi yang cantik sekali.DSC01391

Look at the size of that sausage. *phew*DSC01392

After a night of exciting and tiring experience, I head back to the hotel to take a rest before the storm on the 2nd day.

The route that I take to MRT station every single day. 10 mins of solid walk daily. DSC01393

The early morning crowd. Some how it is not that bad because their system is quite punctual and efficient. DSC01396




Spot Taipei 101. DSC01411



Here’s a story for you guys. After settling my stuff in the early morning, I had some time on hand and thought if visiting Taipei 101 since it is one of the must do things in Taiwan. After checking the map in my hotel, I realised it is actually not that far from the hotel. According to the map it was only 5km away. So I thought to myself, why don’t I walk there..?? And guess what? I did! It took me about an hour to reach Taipei 101. Weather was awfully hot but it was worth it as it is a new place and a whole new experience for me.

Up up and away! DSC01414

All sweaty but happy that I’ve reached DSC01417


Tickets, CHECKED!DSC01424

I know they are very nice cause they give buy 1 free 1. But did they actually thought of people like me that goes alone? made me even more depress kay??!! #foreveraloneDSC01426

View of Taipei from the top! DSC01431

No people take picture for me so I take myself la!SONY DSC

ooooo How dramatic! DSC01445

I’m am 388m higher than you! Actually it’s not that high only la. DSC01451


This is my first official alone meal in Taiwan. It was raining so heavily all of a sudden that I had to pack and go back to the hotel to finish it before heading to the exhibition hall again. DSC01484


Btw, this is my dinner alone. ) : DSC01500

Free food tasting makes people happy. DSC01531


The Malaysia Trade Commissioner in Taiwan and also 2 of my leng zai in Taiwan. DSC01601

Big group dinner.DSC01642

Some of the Datuk and Datin from Msia. DSC01644

Woohoo!! big group photo! Malaysia boleh!!DSC01677

After a day of hard work, of course it is time to chill a bit. Me and some of my clients went to night market to just chillax a little.


Hmm… funny name.DSC01700

Found the legendary stall in Taiwan. DSC01702

By the way! I tried the smelly toufu and it was HORRIBLE!!! and I got tricked into eating it.. ): Client bully me…!!!!

And this is the person that tricked me into eating it!!! Memang like boss la he! DSC01708

That basically is the ending of my Taiwan trip. Most of the days was just spent drinking at night and going back to hotel to rest as most of us are dead tired by the end of the day.

As you can see, there isn’t many photos from Taiwan as I was too busy working and basically didn’t go many places for sight seeing but I met a great group of people in Taiwan and I am grateful enough. Smile 

Till then,

Au revoir

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's been a while

Hi guys! I know that I have not been updating by blog like I should be. But life has been quite good to me lately that I don't even have the time to update my tiny little blog. I promise that i will do it by this weekend. Ok?? Cross my heart. 

So wait for it!! 

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