Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mickey and Reports..

OK..today..today..i want to blog bout something that cheered my day up.
As i was depressingly doing my 20pages report that needed to be hand up tomorrow, my parcel is here!!!!! what parcel you might ask... MY MICKEY MP3 is here!~ Wahkakaka!!~ Was thinking what to giv our monkey...so i decided to get this for him. Even though it's not diamond nor gold, but it's a gift for his belated birthday... I got him a black one and got myself a white one..actually it's my bday gift from him too.. cos i didnt have so much cash to get 2..so it's kinda like a early bday present for me..thanks!~ muackz!~ so let's the picture do the talking ya :)

My white mickey.

His Black Mickey.

I must say..it's really really pretty.. He took out the silicon case s the indication of eyes aren't that clear, but i didnt want to take out mine cos i know i'm such a careless person that i might just scratch it..so i remained mine.. However, i do need to thank one person, which is the person that sold me this..do visit his site, he's got all the cool and nice stuffs!~ He is Derick. Hope i didnt get his name wrong, sorry if i did. I really really like the things that he has in his site, and he is a very nice person too, answering every single question that i asked. And mind you, i do have freaking a lot of questions... LOLX... I was so worried that if have have more money, i might buy all the things from there.

Anywayz...the mickey comes with a set of headphones, a usb transferrer, and also a portable charger...all for just 99...with 1 year of warranthy...do check out his site.. :) promote sikit here..next time when i buy hope i get discount bit *hint hint*

So bout my report...why m i so depress bout it? cos oh..clever me..i didnt even know there's a report to hand up! i have to present it tomorrow and also hand in the report. so me happily doing other things, my fren asked me..."hie..have you done your BOB assignment?" i was like "WTF??got assignment meh??!!" now you get what i mean isn't it? anyhow...nevermind! I've finished it!!!!~ even though it's not 20 pages, but it's definately more than enough. So tonight, will be doing the presentation slides..and tomorrow.."BAMM!!" hope that i wil have a great presentation. So here's a photo on how messy my table is when i m doing my assignment.

i guess that's all for the moment...do tune in for more information :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A day that is worth celebrating

OK....i send back to seremban on friday afternoon because i wanted to go home to see my sist as she is flying back to UK soon. and bloody hell..ticket back to melaka is almost sold off. So i had no choice but to follow my friend's car on sat afternoon.. yea yea i know, what's the point of going back to Seremban on Friday afternoon and going back to Melaka on Saturday afternoon isn't it? But what to do? I miss my family tooooooOooooooooooOO much.
Anywayz..went back to melaka also to celebrate that monkey's birthday. As friday it's his birthday and i don't have the chance to celebrate with him, so i wanted to make it up to him and have a belated birthday celebration with him.
Got back at evening and went out to have our first makan celebration. Thanks to Chung for lending his car :) you're the best! This year, instead of going to Secret Recipe for celebration, we changed the location! We went to Nadeje. Shame on me, i've been in Melaka for 3 years and i still dunno where is it.. But at least now i know...Hope it's not too late. As i heard, the food there is super expensive. But LooNg loOOong time nevermind la...ppl birthday ma. We ordered one cheese flavour and also one choclate mousse!~ OH YES! I LOVE CHOCLATE!!!!!!!

Well..the food is good.... and i have a super strong Long Black Coffee..but i still feel sleepy after 2 hours. how pathetic. Let us have a short review on the cakes

Choclate Mousse : Looks good, taste good, but was a little too small for me :P. Can feel that they did use a lot of pure ingredients for the cake. Will definately go for it the 2nd time(whn i have the extra money)

Japanese Thousand Layered Cheese Cake : Would prefer the choclate mousse more, cause it's a little to heavy, every single layer is covered with cheese, cheese that you can actually taste. Like the texture a lot, you can peel every single layer out to slowly savour it.

We stayed at Nadeje till it's 7 something, done with the bill and went to Carrefour for a short walk. To digest the cakes and have another round of dinner later..keke! As we were walking around dataran, I saw this BIG AND BRIGHT japanese shop, which is rm5 for every single item, so went in and played with this.

After our king has bought the things that he wanted, we headed to Taman Desa Duyong for a meal of SUSHI!!! MY FAV! Ordered whole bunch of side dishes as i was already 60% full, but i still can't stop myself craving for more japanese food. I ordered Lidako(octopus), soft shell crab and 2 other side dish. Now let's look at the food shall we??!!

Didnt take much of photos cos i just wanted to eat eat and eat!!!!~ending pic with this.

Everything has been finished up!!!~With me looking fat! LOLX..

Anywayz, even though it was just a simple belated celebration, i still hope our king liked it.. And sorry that your present haven't arrive ya :P so let's see the remaining photos.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I've been feeling down for the past week...because of what? assignments...studies...and life. There are so many things to be done but there are so many things that i don't know how to do. I always want to achieve everything in my life, but i always find that my body and brain don't seem to have that kind of space for me to learn anymore. Assignments...my god! When i think of assignments, i tend to get so stress. Because i don't know anything about them! It's so FrEaKiNg hard. Sometimes i just want to escape from this life and hide in a corner to at least sleep for 2 freaking months. LOLX. However, i can't. I need to continue studying. I need to achieve more in life. I need to be strong. Or else, who's gonna take care of me? My dogs????!!!!

Ok...enough of the emo. I went back last weekend to actually see my lovely little new darling. I've been dying to see her and of course my family too.. she's really adorable. But of cos there are still a lot to teach her. And the first thing that we need to teach her is to shit and pee in the bloody toilet! haha! I think we are getting there. So anywayz...here are some photos.



And that day i was so moody that i just want to take some pictures of myself...haven't been posting for a long time so don la say me 'hiao' ya.


Have a changed? Can anyone tell me?

P/S: Maybe i should just let myself loose..not think so much and get more booze..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just Some Thoughts

I haven't been blogging for some time...and there are some reasons for me not doing so. sometimes.. there are just too many things for me to do. Sometimes, i just don have the mood to go online and blog. Sometimes..it's just that..i don have the initiative to do so anymore.

I just woke up this morning, and open up my MMLS...see what lecturer posted up... and guess what i freaking found out?


And the best part is, i haven't even start my project..not to say project. i Don't even know who is my group mates!!! non the less, we got into work straight away, as our group will be the very 1st to present on the whole class... so...how lucky are we isn't it?

you may ask, what is my project about. So now i can tell you here, my project is bout being innovative, being creative and also learn how to waste a lot of freaking time! We need to build a chair that is made of card boxes! and that box actualli need to sustain at least 50KG! which is almost my weight!

however, i can say that i have very effective group mates.. we have already finish building our stupid chair. But only tat we haven't finish decorating it. The good news is that, tomorrow, we just need to present our progress, not the chair.. so it's a total relief for us all.

so now just look at the sample of our chair.

the chair. It is still a prototype. The guy is actually 70kg!!!!!!!! yea!!!

The couple that are arguing what to do with the chair. Look at gin..looking at them so helplessly.

Another thing that i realise is that, MMU has Freaking nice cats. These are the 2 that i took photo of after my theatre class.

I call this Greyish

This is Orange. Look at her surprise look.
Didnt manage to take much because all of the cats there are so shy.....

p/s wish me all the best for my presentation!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcoming our new member of the family

ok...before i start blogging on all my europe trip, i want to blog bout our newest family member in the house!! Teddie!~ She's a girl! and she's a toy poddle!!
My famliy just couldn't resist her cuteness so we decided to bring her home. However, even though she is cuddly and she is so adorable, there are still probs too.. She still tends to shit and pee all over our house..so i guess it would take some time to have house breaking.
None the less, do enjoy the pictures.. :)

First ride in the car

our very adorable Teddie..welcome to the Foo Family!!

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