Saturday, March 19, 2011

All Settled

Let me blog all the way back to 2010. What have I done? Let’s start from Christmas (yes i know, it’s been long), because there is where I started to stop blogging. what did I do for my last Christmas? I went all the way down to KL for countdown (suppose to be), but it was dead quiet so went to Genting and down again (because apart from small farts,nothing else interest me) to my friend’s house for drinking session.


Nothing much to say though. Because there isn’t much to be SAID!!!! Next on would be New Year 2011 already BABEH! No celebration (if all of you are wondering). But do have lots of pictures for you guys. I managed to separate my pictures into categories and created into collages so that this post won’t be just pictures and nothing else.



It is always raining in Seremban that’s why I Going Home!!!!!!! Bukit Beruang never ever rain!


Went back, met up with my old roommate too, had donuts, saved a kitten from the drain, renewed my IC.



Did my FYP presentation (you can notice a ball of brown fur at the right picture, tat’s teddie with us in McD) and…………

I went from brown hair gal to BLACK!



Next up would be CNY! Chinese New Year was terrible this year as finals is round CNY. So, helped a lot with CNY preparation and did not have much time to study for my finals. But no worries, i managed to go through and I passed all my subjects! *hooray*



After I’ve finished my finals, blah blah blah, time for? Dating :> Mr.Rabbit came back to see me as he missed out Valentine with me as I was having paper on Valentine night. No big celebration, no presents, no nothing as I requested my present to be no present!


More dating!

Bluetooth Exchange Folder3


As you all know from the previous post, I’m quite broke due to some factors so I had to work, but my boss was really really nice, all we did was work, sleep and EAT! And it’s all really really good food!


Bluetooth Exchange Folder4

and more food!

Bluetooth Exchange Folder5

Thank you all for making me gain weight. But never mind! i lost all of it in 2 weeks! how? Staying in Melaka. XD


And last but not least, photos of ME throughout the months…


More to come. When I finish editing pictures taken from our hike up Mount Beruang.

*Phew* finally done with the loads of pictures!!! Do stay tuned.. I have more to blog about. <3



Monday, March 14, 2011

I’m Back!

OK.. first of all, I haven’t been updating my blog for like effing gazzillion years. I’m really sorry! But in my defence! I have reasonsssss!!!!!! First of all, I was busy working!

Bluetooth Exchange Folder

I’ve been working from Melaka to JB. Why? Because I’M FREAKING BROKE! My phone died as you all know earlier, and also my laptop died too. Spent a little too much in fixing it so now i’m still in debt to my mummy. Need a few more pc fair to pay that off. That’s not only the reason that I’ve been abandoning my bloggie! Another reason is that I’m busy spending time with my family!

Bluetooth Exchange Folder1

OK, maybe also some look see round Seremban which you can notice from one of my silly fur jacket. Not only that, right above the silly jacket you can see my finger being hammered. The Oh-So-Smart me hammered myself on the finger while helping mum with some shelf she wanted for the kitchen. Spending lots of time with my little Teddie too. That, you have to admit it’s a pretty solid reason for abandoning my blog. Open-mouthed smile

Lastly, I’ve spending some time with the boyfie. Been too abandoning him for months now due to all my assignments and FYP and EXAMS! But since everything is done, spent some time with him. Poor him, always have to bare with my bad temper during all my busy time. Sorry you.. but you just have to continue to bare all these. XD

Bluetooth Exchange Folder2

OK, so far that’s all as i’m still arranging all my photos from my old phone to my new phone. Had my computer fixed so I should have more time to start blogging since it’s still 2nd week of my semester and I have a little more time to spare. So watch out, cause I’M BACK!

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