Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Movie Review : The Killers

The Killers.


What I feel is that this movie is a little out of order. Everything happened too fast. Suddenly, it’s after 3 years, suddenly he is chased after by a bunch of killers and then she’s pregnant. Maybe I missed the first part, that is why I feel it’s kinda weird. But none the less, it is a very nice movie (well, that is what I feel). It’s basically a romance comedy with a little twist of coolness in the movie.

ashton-kutcher-katherine-heigl-five-killers-01Ashton Kutcher playing as Spencer Aimes. I gotta admit that Kutcher looks way better in this movie. It makes him look actually bond like. Not like some of the previous movies that he is (Dude, Where’s my Car?; Just Married; My Boss’s Daughter; etc.). And as for the main actress, even though I don’t see her much in movies, but she is hell of a funny actress. Jen Kornfelt, played by Katherine Heigh.


Seriously, if the movie ticket isn’t free, I wouldn’t have chosen this movie, but after watching it, I have no regrets sitting inside the Cineplex for almost 2 hours. And after countless times of getting lost around that area, thanks to stupid Google Map, I still have no regrets in finishing that movie. Ok..back to serious matter, here comes the synopsis.

Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher) is a professional killer. He work for 1 person and he is suppose to kill ‘bad people’ in the world. He was chosen as he is an orphan and they trained him to feel nothing. Until he met Jen Kornfelt (Katherine Heigh) in France. There was where he fell in love or so call in the movie ‘the love bubble’ and he decided to quit what he is doing. He tried to tell Jen that he was a professional killer, however when he chooses to let her know, she fell asleep in spilt seconds. He contacted his boss and finally quit everything. There was then the ‘3 years later’ appeared on the screen. And I was like WTH?? So SOON?????????? None the less, they were this happy couple until! Spencer’s old boss contacted him again, demanding to meet him. Spencer knew something was wrong and he armed himself with guns and so on. When he got home, he didn’t expect that his wife, Jen threw him a surprise birthday party, which stopped him from meeting his old boss. Jen felt that Spencer was acting a little weird, and thought their marriage is coming to an end. As everything ended, one of their friends stayed at their place as he is too drunk to head home. 2nd morning, Jen headed to San Francisco for a business presentation and there is where all hell broke loose.

The friend that stayed over was actually an undercover killer and any killer that kills Spencer would be awarded with $20Million. So in the end, everyone became a killer, Spencer’s colleagues, neighbours and even good friends. It is funny to see how Spencer communicates with Jen in the movie. It’s a little funny, romantic at the same time fear of loosing Jen. Jen apparently didn’t go for the business presentation as she feels bad for not being there for Spencer’s birthday, and she came home with a shock with their friend trying to kill his husband. Then she was then tested pregnant Blah Blah Blah~ so on so on so on, you can guess the rest.

I do feel it is a worth watching movie as long as you understand American Jokes. I was laughing my head off throughout the whole movie. So for me, the rating is…… *drum rolls*


So if you like romance comedy, it’s a must watch for you. For someone like me that doesn’t go to the cinema saying it’s worth it, means it’s REALLY worth it!!! Download, DVD, BluRays, I don’t care how you get to this movie, JUST WATCH IT!!!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A random outing with my beloved

As I was sitting in my office and turning the chair round and round, my beloved said that would want to pay me a visit after my office hour, which is after 6p.m. So happy for that!!!~ Session gemuk for the night again!!! dance

After a quick bath after work, we went to SS2 KTZ. It’s kind of like a dessert joint. Chinese dessert joint to be more exact. I did a little research on that area and that is one of the shops that I want to try their food. And since both of us aren’t very hungry, so we decided to go for a try.

It isn’t too expensive and the food is reasonable. I didn’t say it’s fantastic, it’s just reasonable.


17062010689Sorry for the blurry image. Phone can’t capture so nice la~



The very old and run out of color menu. keke


Found one very interesting food on the menu. For those that know cantonese. You might laugh when you see this. woo

17062010693D07. Mat Toh Loh”


Here comes the food!!!

17062010697 17062010698 17062010696 17062010695

I had black sesame dessert. It not bad, but, it’s weird for me, never tasted anything like that. It taste as if you are eating one big spoon of black sesame but it taste sweet. Weird isn’t it?


The price for 2 is actually about RM22 for all those. Not too bad for me. It’s very filling if you are not a big eater.  :)


Next on, we went to a shop call 100yen. It’s suppose to be a shop selling all those Japanese things. So me and my beloved when to gepoh(busy body) for while. 

cool_cam17062010204957What’s this??? BANANA RACK!!!shine L

I don’t understand, who would ever buy a banana rack for the bananas that they buy?????Just to hang bananas?? Ridiculous!! (maybe i should get one for my mum lol!!!)


cool_cam17062010205327 All the Japanese thingy. Want to buy so many of their food product but it’s so expensive. Wait till Mr.Rabbit is back only i tell him to buy for me!keke


I myself bought this..!!17062010701

What is it? It’s a massager, it is suppose to help me loose some inches. Let’s just hope that it actually work. Even for just a little.


There goes the my $$ and so on. Atria mall is having a warehouse sales at the moment and i’ve already spent about RM40 there. SAKIT HATI!!!!!!!! Bought some beauty products for myself lor. I’m not young nor am I old, but it’s kinda time for me to take care of my own skin.

cool_cam18062010140730 one of the things that i bought! Concealer!


Before I wrap things up, here are the two main characters for the day.

17062010699 17062010700   

We’ve been friends since 13. Which means we have known each other for 8 years and still counting. =) that’s a very long long long count.. My God.. I AM OLD!!!!!



Thursday, June 10, 2010

SIPahh the milk flavouring straws~

As i was walking by Giant the other day, I saw a really cute product, have been eye-ing it for a pretty long time and at last, i bought it the other day…


shine R TAH-DAH!!!!!shine L


What is it? It’s actually a straw. For those that do not like to drink plain milk (original flavour), this is your lucky day. All you have to do is to dunk in the straw to the milk, and sip!! and VOILA! it’s a flavoured milk!


So first, you gotta have the milk



Then, take one of the straw out (i’ve chosen chocolate as it’s my favourite!).


Inside the straw are mini flavour balls, don’t know whether it’s healthy or not, oh, f**k it, i just want to enjoy my milk





It does really taste like chocolate milk.. but it’s kinda weird as we sees it as original flavour milk and when it goes into your mouth, it’s chocolate, it’s kinda like messing up with our mental ability. keke


Having to drink chocolate milk for the past few days, it makes me start to crave for the real chocolate milk. AND I BOUGHT ONE FREAKING 500ML OF CHOCOLATE MILK!

09062010651 Watching Crayon Shin Chan as I’m drinking my chocolate milk. love it



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A well-spent weekend

So as you all know, my Rabbit went hopping to SG for his internship, but no worries. He’s back last week and we managed to spend some time together.

So on Saturday afternoon, he came pick me up, and off we went to Ikea for lunch, not so much of a lunch as it is already 3p.m. that hour, wanted to grab McD lunch set but since it’s so late so we headed to Ikea for lunch.

You will never starve in KL as long as you have money ;)

DSC_4734 A test shot just when we went out



‘Which way ah? I think i just missed the junction..!’sweat



The never ending line in IKEA!oh no


DSC_4755 Hmm….what should I get? why not each one???? XDeat


DSC_4756Si kacau blog my view.. Hmm…where’s the trolley?



Finally! After such a long wait, the food is here! keke

DSC_4759 DSC_4761


DSC_4763 DSC_4760


Can we eat yet??


A very satisfying meal


DSC_4773You are my Sugar. ;P




Next up, it’s time for Rabbit to get a new pair of glasses, his previous one broke into 2 and no way he could ever wear that again


You can see how serious it is. So he has no choice to get a new pair, even though he loves his old glasses.

DSC_4783 Eye testing process, or is this the new look that he is going after? hmmkeke

DSC_4850 End results. Not too bad isn’t it? I helped him to pick it up too!




Next up, on Sunday afternoon, he came a little earlier as I’m rushing him over so that we could grab McD lunch set. and so we did!love

DSC_4811 I had Double Filet-O-Fish!!!!!! Hmm, doesn’t taste much different with the original one, but it’s worth a try.

DSC_4813 DSC_4814 My all time fav snack! McD French Fries!!!!!!


As we were eating, there’s this young couple waiting for seats next to us, and since that we’re almost finish, we offered our place to them and they have the cutest kid in the pram. (close friends of mine would know clearly that i’m not a big fan of babies/kids). I just couldn’t help it and asked the mother whether I could take some photos of her kid, and gladly, she agreed. Luckily she didn’t think me as some crazy lunatic women that want to abduct her kid.



Happy little thing. (can’t even see his eyes)



My fav shot of him.




Next up, it’s just some easy walking around The Curve and just look see, as you all know, i don’t really go out from my house during weekdays, so it’s kinda to compensate my boring weekday routine.



Some random pianist




DSC_4829 DSC_4830



shine R  HAHAHAshine L






Next up, we head back to Giant @ Atria because I needed to get my ‘Tangki’ of water so that i wouldn’t dehydrate at home. At the mean time, we had our tea time at Kopi Time.


DSC_4841 DSC_4842

Not too bad, and it’s not too expensive as well.





Went back after that to get some photo shooting done around my area and I pester Rabbit to be my model of the day. Palia photographer of me



DSC_4878 DSC_4879



Kid’s life is so easy..


DSC_4885 DSC_4890







My fav shot of the day.



To wrap things up, let’s see what I’ve got for the past 2 days shall we???? *giggles*

06062010640 DSC_4789 DSC_4788

Not a lot but i like what i got.


It’s not about the quantity, it’s the quality that matter’s the most.



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