Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's December baby!

Hello people,

I know I have not been updating my post for quite some time and it is because I'm having a very hectic schedule of hopping from one gym to another. Balancing in work and relationship and also maintaining a healthy lifestyle too.

Thanks to those that has been so caring to during my H1N1 stage and I can say that I'm all healthy again.

It was my birthday yesterday and I did had a wonderful celebration with my colleagues, gym mates, family, and also my naughty little baby.

This is a year where I bought myself the most presents as I am now earning and I'm entitled to enjoy a little of my salary =>

As seen from my Facebook, I had a surprise from him. A nice bunch of peach colored roses. Last year, he sent it to my office, with a note saying he is sorry that he couldn't be with me during my birthday. This year, with a bigger set of flower, with no note, but a sincere set of face saying that he appreciate me for who I am. Thanks for being there for me no matter how bitchy I was.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getaway with ze family

My last trip with my family must be the one in australia and that was even before I started my permanent work.

Well, here comes a chance for us to go crazy once again. We are heading off to Hong Kong and ShenZhen tomorrow and I will be temporary unreachable for at least a week.  :) please do miss me.

Life has been good to me, with a little twist here and there but I'm loving it. So all the people out there, hang on a little longer for me to update my blog!

Till then,
Au Revoir

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Working into another stage of life

So basically I have been working for a year now and what have I learn? Many of you envy me for what I do because I get to travel quite often but the things that you do not see is always the things that I suffer the most but I will keep that to myself cause I don't think anyone would like to read my complaints all the time. 

I am considered very very very lucky for the past year. In my 1 year working life, I travelled to 4 different countries which is already more than some people travel in their whole life. From a very near country, Singapore to South Africa. Yes, I have been to the country of "waka waka" which was also one of the most enjoyable trip I had. And I am actually writing this note from air. Had 2 half hours of free time and I got tired of reading the only material I had on flight so I resort to blogging. See how committed I am? 

Coming back to the topic, I have learned that I could push myself to where I don't think I could. A almost 23 year old person going all the way to Taiwan alone, to walk 5kilometres to 101 tower, yes you did not see wrong, I walked. I did shopping on myself, get to know new friends, get to know locals, speaking to them, and most of the time it makes me feel really really blessed with what I have. A lot of them have liabilities that could not even cover for their 3 basic meals of the day and of course there are those that are more lucky where they can afford a private jet plane. It has definitely open up my perception of being more contended of what I have. 

I am balancing between my private life and also my working life. In work, I am someone that is serious, always trying to get things done in the fastest and most efficient way (even though I admit I am quite careless most of the time), in my personal life, I am a regular member of the gym, to burn some calories and knowing some new friends as well, how to be a better socialite and to actually talking the right thing at the right place. And I almost forgot, to keep in balance with someone special. We are heading towards our first anniversary and I must say it is a very bumpy but special ride. We fought, we cried, we laugh, we love. well, thanks for being there when I was a total pain in the bum-bum. 

In conclusion, nothing in life is perfect, I might not have the highest paid salary among my friends nor do I have the best benefits in the industry, however it helped me realize how lucky I am to be where I am now. I will continue with what I am doing now and hopefully excel even more in life. 

Till then,
Au revoir

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gold Coast of Malaysia, NOT

After a long break from all the hectic life. Colleagues found a treat for us and we all booked a short holiday is Morib. Apparently the Gold Coast of Malaysia. Oh dear lord, who ever though of this name haven’t been to Gold Coast. It was dirty, smelly and full of flies. See my disappointment on it? The only good thing about the whole trip is that we had a private Jacuzzi in the room.

Kampung road all alongDSC02749

The ironic thing is, we went there in a very very rush manner. He miscalculated his working days and apparently that weekend he had work. I waited till 1pm, had lunch only we headed down to Morib, and that is not the end of the story, on Sunday, we had to rush all the way back to KL cos of his gym thingy. No complains. Just saying.

My driver. DSC02752

Now let me give you a tour of the room. I guess the room is the best thing in the whole trip.


however, the room is quite bare though. DSC02761


All prepared for dinner. Look at the caterpillar at the back engrossed in his ipad. DSC02808DSC02812


         DSC02822                         DSC02826

The gang. DSC02833

Yes, I’m a child. DSC02836

He is my child. DSC02838


Sand Castle building competitionDSC02862

That was basically the night that we spent there. Nothing much to see.. nothing much to do.. They didn’t even have national geographic on television. Imagine how depressing is that..?

View from the balcony. DSC02867

Breakfast area. DSC02869

Forever stuck to his phone. So gonna smash his phone. DSC02870

Hi crabbie. Smilewell.. technically. it’s a dead crab. DSC02873

The only decent photo I took in Morib. SONY DSC


               SONY DSC                  SONY DSC



         SONY DSC                        SONY DSC

I find the two pictures above funny it’s because his slippers were wet and he wanted to dry it. I didn’t have to dry mine cause my shoes were plastic and basically it doesn’t need to blew dry. While he was standing there waiting for his feet and slippers to dry, he realised he was doing it all alone and he felt shy. So the 2nd photo was actually him asking me to go over and dry with him so that he doesn’t feel that awkward standing there all alone. Yes, that’s my boy. Weird but I love him.

Btw, that’s the tiny theme park in the hotel. So tiny that I almost fell asleep in the rides. And people pay RM35 for this??!! DSC02903

That’s the front view of the hotel. DSC02921

See the notice? we went ahead anyway. XDDSC02926

The so call lover bridge.DSC02927



This basically sums up our trip in Gold Coast Morib. Even though the place wasn’t amazing. But it was a short and sweet gateway for us.


Till then,

Au revoir

Monday, October 8, 2012

It is just the both of us.

I know that I have not been blogging for some time and I feel terribly sorry for that. I was not in the mood of writing so much and till now I’m still not any better. But since I have a little time on hand and since this is the only day I don’t kick my sorry ass in the gym, I decided to spill a little of honey in my page. Smile Be prepared to be jealous, envy and to feel at your very bottom of your low down. Just kidding la.


Some months back, I went for a short trip with Mr. G because I was flying from Taiwan to South Africa and we didn’t really spent that much time together and I booked really cheap flights to Singapore. Yes, we went to Singapore. How “romantic” eh? We stayed at the “fancy-est” hotel which is located at Geylang. Those that are regular SG travellers, you are very aware where Geylang is. I kept bugging him that I want to go Universal Studios and basically spent most of the lump sum in the tickets. It is so not worth for us to be earning RM and spending SGD. It is absolutely ridiculous!

However, I did managed to score some really cheap air ticket (one way though). It was only RM100 for the both of us. It is even cheaper than taking a bus alright? As usual, everyone can fly eh? Even though we did have some tiny arguments, I must be honest to myself that I had a blast with him. Please la.. it is my first trip with him kay? So have some mercy on us kay?!

As usual, I will never let go of a chance to have my dose of caffeine. (yes, I’m addicted)DSC02475

A very rare occasion where he is actually creative in his photo taking skills. DSC02478

Okay, where is our plane? Is that airbus A380? Oh please, in your dreams!DSC02493

And the funny thing is, we didn’t actually sit together during the flight, we were at different seats as I checked in last minute so the whole time we were apart. Ok la, it was only a 40min flight and according to him, he was asleep most of the time, better not let me know that he exchanged number with the girl next to him. (actually I was the one that one talking to random strangers XD)

This smart fellow forgot to bring his MRT card so he had to buy another one. DSC02495

ok, the map looks simple enough, but will we be able to locate our hotel? DSC02496

Sure enough, we got lost for about 10 mins, that is not too bad lahhhhhhhhDSC02497

Finally checked in. The hotel was…… quite horrifying. Very “Geylang” style. DSC02498

I am going to cramp everything in just one post so be prepared for a very long and annoying post. If you don’t feel like reading then you can just leave though. But if you think I’m pretty and want to continue seeing my face, stay tuned.

My skin was absolutely horrifying after coming back from Africa, therefore it explains all the pimple scars.

DSC02511               SONY DSC

Marina Bay Sands. Sigh.. the last time when I was in SG I actually stayed there. Don’t ring a bell, read this. DSC02522


My Mr. G. ( I will explain to you readers later on why I call him Mr. G since there is no G initial in his name)DSC02527

I wanted to go to Harry Potter exhibition since this is a seasonal thing and not all the countries have it. Being a Harry Potter fan (I read all the books), of course I tried not to miss me. However, trust me when I say this, IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY! I didn’t find it worth my money.

Okay, at least I wrote a B’day wish to the little fry. I can’t even spot my card though. DSC02534


It was SGD 24 per person Okay??!! Guess what, I wasn’t even allowed to take pictures inside. And oh oh! guess what is inside the exhibition? Clothes that they wore during the set. We can’t touch any of it, cant take any pictures of it and so forth. And seriously, I highly doubt that those costumes are really wore during the set. They could just duplicate another set and just display there. Show me the DNA samples!!!!!


DSC02545                                DSC02547

This was the only point that we are allowed to take pictures. Right after that, no pictures were allowed. Bummer..!

This was the only thing that we bought from the exhibition. If you look closely, it was jelly beans with ear wax flavor, sausage, vomit etc. Trust me, I still have this and it is not even half yet. It cost 6SGD. Damnyou RM, why you so no value? DSC02558


Yes, he looks more muscular in this picture and No, he is not checking e-mails, he was actually playing his games. (forever)DSC02563


Went to Bugis after that to meet up with his brother and that basically wraps up our first day. Slept early because both of us were dead tired with all the walking and basically the TV is broken in the room (such a wonderful room).


Woke up earlier to head to USS because we wanted to avoid the crowd. Basically both of us were actually clueless how to head over there but we just went with what we felt right.

DSC02583                          SONY DSC

DSC02587                           DSC02589

Like finally we’ve reached! I really feel like doing something to my teeth. It is terrible. DSC02614

DSC02621  DSC02622  DSC02625

I thought that we were early but I was wrong. I was so excited taking pictures with Woody that I didn’t see Elmo~!!!!! I didn’t managed to take picture with my fav Sesame Street character. ) : I am depressed ok?

Please spot Elmo! DSC02633

One of the must go in USS is actually the Transformers ride. Everyone was giving superly good review on it and so. We blindly waited for the ride. We waited for 1 1/2 hours for the ride and guess what, the ride lasted less than 5 minutes. Wow, Fantastic Baby. But yea, it was really good. Worth waiting for 1 1/2 hours? No.

See the queue? This is actually just a quarter of the waiting people. There are more inside. I almost got fedup with it and wanted to walk out. But thanks to his very mellow temper. He told me to stayed on. DSC02651

Oh, Hi optimus prime. I waited for your 90 minutes alright?! DSC02653

I’m just gonna compile some of the silly photos that we took with all the mascot but if you want the full album you can just go to my facebook to view them. But of course they are not open to the public. Just send me a request in fb if you want to know me. Smile 

DSC02661   DSC02665   DSC02668

DSC02679   DSC02687     DSC02689

Absolutely LOVE this photo. DSC02684

Castle Far Far away. DSC02694

It was very sunny and I was badly burned! I looked like a malay when I came back. DSC02698

A very rare occasion where he actually look more manly. DSC02697

Roar baby Roar! DSC02713

SONY DSC      DSC02710     DSC02724

This wraps up my short trip with  Mr. G in Singapore. Indeed it was a very short and memorable trip for me. Did not managed to spend a lot of money because both of us were on a very tight budget. But we managed to make the best out of it. Did I buy anything from USS? nothing much, just something silly:

A silly water bottle. DSC02708

What was the best thing from this trip? This below:


Till then,

Au revoir

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