Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's December baby!

Hello people,

I know I have not been updating my post for quite some time and it is because I'm having a very hectic schedule of hopping from one gym to another. Balancing in work and relationship and also maintaining a healthy lifestyle too.

Thanks to those that has been so caring to during my H1N1 stage and I can say that I'm all healthy again.

It was my birthday yesterday and I did had a wonderful celebration with my colleagues, gym mates, family, and also my naughty little baby.

This is a year where I bought myself the most presents as I am now earning and I'm entitled to enjoy a little of my salary =>

As seen from my Facebook, I had a surprise from him. A nice bunch of peach colored roses. Last year, he sent it to my office, with a note saying he is sorry that he couldn't be with me during my birthday. This year, with a bigger set of flower, with no note, but a sincere set of face saying that he appreciate me for who I am. Thanks for being there for me no matter how bitchy I was.

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