Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day trip to Seremban

Good day all!

I’m back with some blogging. During 11 April 2012, it was a public holiday for us Malaysian. It is where the King becomes the King.

Anyway, I invited him to Sban to have a look see. It is my hometown, and he might be going up and down in the near future kay? Or maybe not. Who knows. He absolutely adored Teddie when he first saw her and I’m glad. At least one more reason to go down to Seremban?

Teddie is a very fun and loving poodle and she loves people around the house. Normally it’s just mum me and her, so she enjoys a little new companion.


See how Teddie is enjoying his “muscular” chest while he is engrossed in his comic. This reminds me, she desperately need a hair cut. I can’t even see her beautiful eyes! IMG-20120417-WA0007

If you guys could be there, you would love how Teddie wakes you up. She’ll pounce on you and kiss you all over your face. Now that is how I want to wake up every morning. Having my loved on kissing me. Well maybe not all over my face, but just enough to wake me up. Winking smile

IMG-20120417-WA0000                                           IMG-20120417-WA0001

Oh and please say “Hi” to him and her. The two babes of my life. IMG-20120417-WA0004

By the way, the crappy photos from above is from his Iphone 4s. Kononnya 8mp. Nampak macam 2mp je.

Next on, the trip won’t be fulfilled if he haven’t taste the famous Seremban Dim Sum, my all time fav Beef Noodles and also Roasted Crabs! Though I don’t have pictures on the Dim Sum and Beef Noodles. Will make it up to you guys in the future.

My Mama that is turning 60-ish this weekend. *what are you talking till so gan jiong?*DSC01001

This is what happens when you mess with my gadgets! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Please don’t kill me for posting this. DSC01004

Mouth watering or not? DSC01008

That’s all for this post, a real short one because I was too busy entertaining him and didn’t have much time to take more pictures. Will try to show you guys around my hometown more. Smile I promise that it’s gonna be a detail and super interesting one alright?

Next post, an unplanned date night for the both of us that turned out to be something to be remembered.


Till then,

Au revoir

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My long lost partner (part 2)

8th April, I woke up with a smile on my face. Cause I saw my best friend next to me (alright, this sound damn wrong, I’m straight, no worries all the guys out there). We used to share the same room for the past 2 years and I always like to mess with her, throwing my Shin Chan to her place, shaking her bed etc. Missing those good old days.

That’s my Shin Chan, been accompanying me for many many years now. See how the button has already fell off?DSC00896

Shin Chan and his 2 new gf. DSC00897

Too early to face the camera~DSC00900

She too, is way too early to face the cameraDSC00905

Loving my pierced ears. DSC00913

Okay, all prepared to head out. DSC00918

Her personal driver for these 2 days. Tired but totally worth it.  DSC00926


Suaku yang tak pernah pigi ke IKEA. DSC00931


Hi short legs. DSC00937

We wanted to grab coffee in the early morning but I guess we were too early. So we just roamed around in IKEA before The Curve is open.


Her fav. Chocolate Cream Chip. Those that care for her, please remember. DSC00940

My fav, Caramel Macchiato. My darling bf, please remember…?? DSC00946


Basically, I’m a coffee addict, I can’t leave without daily dose of coffee. Especially during working days, if you see me working really slow, it means that I’m having my period and I can’t take coffee.

Alright, let me show you guys 2 very funny picture. Please don’t judge me!


See how weird my first posture was? I was walking so fast that Anna couldn’t catch up with me so she decided to take picture of me. I was so hyped up to see sales in Kitschen that I practically ran into the shop. *happiness* But I came out empty handed, didn’t find anything that I like or I just didn’t have that much $$$ .

After some window shopping, we headed for lunch before sending her to the bus station.

Hi forever crowded IKEADSC00982


* Bad idea to blog bout food when my tummy is rumbling now. *


Look at the size of the sausage *hmm hmm*DSC00994


That basically sums up everything. Missing her like crazy. Promise me that you’ll still come to KL kay? Lodging and transportation is on me. Smile 

DSC00998*Tummy rumble rumble*

Till then,

Au revoir

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My long lost partner (part1)

Dear all,

Here’s another update for you all. Am proud to say that my blog is quite active lately and I’m happy. Smile 

Last weekend, my long lost partner came all the way from JB just to have a tiny getaway with me. The last time I saw her was last year’s Christmas and it is quite a long time ago. She’s been my roommate for 2 years and we’ve been hanging out in Uni for the past 3 years. Love her companion and we went through a lot of different experience together. From having tiny arguments to having the best time of our lives. Uni life wouldn’t be the same without her.

That’s her. DSC00924

Stupid transnational broke down and made her late for almost 2 hours. Poor girl. When she reached, it was almost 4 and we rushed all the way to MidValley for lunch. We were both so freaking hungry!





After lunch, we went for MY fav joint for milk tea, Gong Cha. Way better than Chatime. Too bad there isn’t an outlet near to my place. ):


Went for a little walk around Midvalley, just chatting, being silly and enjoying the companion. I’ve known her for 4 years now and still I don’t get bored of her. She’s like my ultimate relationship and I’m like her ultimate safety net. We know that we will never hurt each other no matter what.



Basically coming to KL, I don’t know where else to bring her apart from eating and eating and more eating. So I brought her to SS2 mall’s Full House as I’m too lazy to jam all the way to Sunway / Kota Damansara.








That sums up for the first day, I will post the second part as I do not want to use the whole day to update my blog post. Shitty internet line in KL, so just wait for the 2nd post will ya? Smile 

Till then,

Au revoir

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