Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what a busy semester

Basically, this is a really really really hectic semester. I have 7 subjects and if this isn't enough, i still have an on going event that needs me to do all the designing..of cos i have my assistant to help me as well, but then it's not easy to do so many things in such a short time. And this few days i have been rushing for the poster of our Demo recruitment. Even though it sounds easy, but we still need to go through our CLS main chair person as well as STAD..which i've already changed 3 times just to suit their taste. In the beginning it's really really hard to come up with an design, but after you know where to put the words and what words to use, it's much more easy to do the rest. so the finale poster only took me 20 mins to complete it..proud to be me..lol!

However, i really really need to start some studying already, so right after i finish blogging this i will need to start my studies already..starting with the subject finance because i will be having tutorial class tomorrow and i haven't finish doing my tutorial yet, but at least i'm already half way there. Even though i am very bz and don't get enough sleep most of the time and missing some of my classes and not eating at a consistent time, at least i m fully utilising all my time :) so no regrets, but i will not go through this second time anymore! haha! so i've finished rushing my poster already so i'm just left back with the banner,banting, ticket, as well as the t-shirt! *phew* that's a lot isn't it??? so here's the poster that i did, plz do give some comments if you happen to read my blog ya:)

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