Saturday, November 26, 2011

My 1st time

Dear all. I’ve been neglecting my blog for some time because I really do not have anything to blog about. After accumulating pictures for 1 month, I can finally combine everything into 1 short post.

This is just a very brief post regarding my life. If you are not interested in my life, you can just click on the top right red color “x” button. No one is forcing you to read my post. =) for all the haters out there, the more you hate me, the stronger I get, so remember that.

Referring back to my blog title, it’s about all my ‘first time’. please don’t think other wise. As I am a fresh graduate, there are a lot of things that I still need to learn and handle. Either mentally or physically, but I’m doing fine, lonely at times, but still holding on.

My first official working dayIMG113

My first official working passIMG128

First press conference attire. IMG142

First time putting teddie in a mcD box. (she’s not liking this)IMG154

First time waking up with teddie lying next to me (pure happiness Smile)IMG156

First conference IMG165

First time driving in such heavy rain. IMG172

First bulldog book mark that I made myselfIMG206

First time in “yuen” steamboat after listening to many reviews. IMG209

First exhibition that was handled by me. IMG216

First official exhibitor badge from gov body.IMG221

First take away mcD dinner at home alone. #foreveraloneIMG230

And of course, last but not least,

First official working table. IMG231

Just a small update on my life for those that are interested to know about. Will try to update a little more. But for now, I’m signing off with <3IMG242

Till then,

Au revoir

Monday, November 7, 2011

Gold Coast: Sun, Beach & Winter

Alright! Let me get started with my Gold Coast post *roll up sleeves*. Gold Coast is actually quite a lovely place, with sun, beach, seagulls, bikini gals, hunks. However I did not entirely enjoy myself there due to rain+the fact that it’s still winter. So no bikini shots from me nor did I swim. I was down with a bad flu and light fever. Sist still went on surfing and I had to forgo because I don’t want to die in the plane (was going to fly back in 2 days). None the less, there are still some “average” shots from Gold Coast, so enjoy. Smile


The 50s’ Bond Girl.. DSC_2128

Trust me, it’s not as hot as you think it is. Once you are in the shadow, you’ll shiver. DSC_2130

80s’ bond girl DSC_2132


Boy, what are you looking at? DSC_2148



No bikini shot but there’s still me. :DDSC_2173

There’s no sea monster la, no need to stare at the sea for so long la.. DSC_2187

That basically reps up for things in Australia. Thank you for tuning all these time. Smile I hope you enjoyed my post on Australia. I will find more things to post on later on. Leading a boring working life at the moment, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


Till then,

Au revoir

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