Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Hunks all the way from Penang and Ipoh

As Mr.Rabbit is getting his report done, I finally have the time to sit down and update my blog a little. 1200582028_1024x768_floppy-ear-rabbit-relaxing-in-front-of-the-computer-with-feet-up

Try imagining a real rabbit working on a computer and this is what you get.

So what have I been up to these few weeks that I am so occupied from updating my blog? A lot!! I’ve been busy with my mum’s Be-Frienders things, was there to help them with some photos. And also help by keeping the cyclist entertained. Curious what I did? Let me explain it all to you.

There are these gang of cyclist all the way from Penang-> Ipoh-> Seremban. They took 2 and the half days just to reach Seremban. And may I say, I seriously freaking salute to them. They have the strength and the determination just to cycle to Seremban all the way just to help Be-Frienders Seremban do some fund raising. I can’t do much, but I did woke up early in the morning and make sandwiches to them as snacks when they reach Seremban. Let me show you some of the heroes that were in the cycling event.

be frienders

be frienders1

After all the thank you ceremony, they had lunch and all 13 hunks when back to my grandma’s house. And you should see my grandma’s face when she saw so many men in her house, first time in her life i guess, all under the same roof at the same time.

So they were chilling, and i bought them 2 watermelon so that they could regain some of the water that they lost in 2 days.

be frienders2

As you can see from the pictures, they are really relax, well, till my grandma came back. X) One of them just shooed them from my grandma’s fav spot which is at the picture far left with the guy’s leg on it. But all of them are really really well behaved and they were very very very very polite to my grandma. Thumbs up for all of you.

After every single one of them showered, it’s almost time to go back. Packed their things and headed to the bus (you don’t seriously think that they are going to cycle back again don’t you?)

be frienders3

be frienders4

There was this Marshall, that he rode a motor from Penang, because of his leg condition, he couldn’t cycle, but the main thing is, he followed them non the less, helping them with the traffic and so on. But now, the problem, how is he going to go all the way back to Penang? We can’t just tell him to ride the motor all the way back. So, they managed to fit the motorcycle into the bus! YES! You did not read wrongly, they managed to squeeze the motor into the bus. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof!




Amazing isn’t it? I really salute to them. A big round of applause to them!

This post is just on them, as I am really impressed with how they handle themselves and also willing to do a small part for the community. I hope that everyone could learn from them. They are not just young adults, even older people they do join them. Their age range is from 20-50s. So now you don’t have any reason to say that you are too old to do something. If a 40++ year old person could cycle all the way from Penang, why couldn’t you do those small little things in life? Make a difference yourself Smile

Will post more in the coming days as I finished my internship already! Yesh!!! AT LAST!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

His Birthday

Ok, like I said, I’ll be going down to Melaka to hand up my supervisor evaluation form. So when did I went down to Melaka? During Merdeka, Yes, you did not see wrong, I went down when everyone is squeezing there. And trust me, it’s really really really really cramp over there. There’s another reason that pulled me to Melaka that particular weekend, it’s Rabbit’s Bday!!!!happy_birthday He’s officially old, but not old enough for me.. XD

He graduated from MMU already, so he does not have any more reason to go back to Melaka that often and he misses the life there. So i agreed to the Melaka short trip to just refresh his memory a little. hypno_dance

You know how those tourist are when they are in Jonker? Always carrying an umbrella, with big sunny caps, with camera/DSLR on hands? That’s how we are! We are a total tourist on that day, we even took a bus from Central to Jonker! The first time in 3 years history! wooot

DoubleDeckBusDSCN1868 OK, we didn’t manage to catch the double decker bus but we took the same red bus to jonker. And it’s only RM1.50, way cheaper than taking a taxi.


DSCN1875 Taken when we were in Jonker88 for the laksa. Super crowded and the food is crappy! It wasn’t like that previously, must be due to the over whelming crowd causing the food quality to decrease..trapped gees….but it’s alright.. I forgive them.


Was waiting forever to get in to Jonker 88. Gosh, the crowd!!!!!


Next up, we moved to Dataran Pahlawan for a walk and I know how much this Rabbit wanted to have a cup a coffee, since i’m feeling generous, it’s my treat!weird_dance

280820101036 280820101037 


Had a go with the new Starbucks and it taste not too bad, still prefer my flavour than his.. His coffee just tasted like an OldTown coffee. Not that worth don’t you think??

websitejelly I had the Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino and he has Coffee Jelly Frappuccino. Still..!! Mine better!


Since he is feeling old, we did not have any major celebration for him. Just a small little gathering with his old coursemate and also just a small piece of cake to end it all. Simple but warm..28-29




You know if you go Wong Kok for lunch and it’s your Bday, they give you this extra large big bucket of Milk Tea? As you can see, it’s scarily large! But no worries, we have a bit water bucket with us, so we managed to finish all of it.

As we finish eating, Rabbit and his friend battle it off in drinking that bucket of water. And I was laughing my head off


So i guess that’s all for this post. Again, happy Birthday to you.. :)happy_birthday

DSC_6918 Be good.



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