Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting fat for the New Year

Hie all! Here’s a short one on my where about. Life has been good. Work has been average and everything else is rainbow and candies.

I went to JB during Christmas to meet up with my old Uni friends. Even though I spent less than 24 hours in JB, but it was a good catching up with my best budd in Uni, Anna. Missed  her so much and sometime I wished that we were still staying in Emerald Park (my hostel during MMU).

Cute ain’t she? IMG099

We went to Desaru for countdown and it was fun meeting up with the few small farts during Uni (my ex housemates too).


I look as if I’m pregnant in this pic. I assure you, I’m not! Neither it is my tummy, it’s just the clothes! 400745_322422437779411_100000349739126_1112488_1972819994_n

Another pic of us before I head back to sban in a 5 hours butt aching bus ride.IMG101

As I’m quite free at the moment (going through honeymoon months in office as it is off peak season), I have a lot of time in hand and sometimes I do venture to Midvalley got absolutely nothing. well, not 100% true though. Most of the time I was waiting for someone to finish gym so I had some time to catch up in my reading.


However, these few months I have been eating a lot a lot. With the christmas dinners, then new year’s celebration, and now, CNY celebration eating. Gosh! I feel like a total pig most of the time. No worries! I’m still hard on myself on working out to get the ideal body. Just that I have to work even harder now to achieve after all those good food like:



So right after all these food, I went straight to my diet. T.T which is only eating:


After all these festivities and torturing of my human body, it’s time to go back to the old routine and non stop working out everyday. I’m not going to allow myself to bloat up like a cow. Uh-uh, no more!

And look! this is how we decorate the office. Spot the mandarin oranges on the partition? And yes, that’s my cubicle. Messy I agree. Smile IMG173

So I guess that’s all I can update in this post. Running out of pictures. Will search for more things to update. Let me see whether I have anything interesting to blog bout during my work later on.

Say Hi to my couz Eunice. IMG226

Till then,

Au revoir

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