Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Missing PJ life…

I sorta miss PJ life.. because??



And also


Not forgetting





well.. at least in Melaka I have these



One can never have it all could we?


Monday, November 29, 2010

I miss this Rascal…


I miss this little rascal’s face.. She never fails to amuse me..


Who can ever resist her big doll eyes?


10072010826         09052010478


I’m coming back Teddie!! Wait for me!! I’ll get you your fav treats!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Teddie’s going off to work!!!!!!


Teddie all prepared for work?? So soon already??!! Owh….~ Thinking back, she was just a tiny little pup. Likes to lie on my thighs and sleep the whole afternoon.



Just like this..


NEH!!! I’m just joking, i’m not sending off my previous to work.. Just trying out some outfit for her. FYI, we did not buy that, we just tied 2 clothe to make it look like a tie. Cute isn’t it?

Just a small update to you all about my little Teddie. =)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Haji Day-Out

Ok, I was going through something intense and so is my ex roomie.. So on Tuesday night, we had dinner, and they came over to my house to stay for a night for R-E-V-E-N-G-E.. Oh yes.. REVENGE is Oh-So-Sweet! In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m just having a little trouble adjusting to the culture in my new house. So.. call me evil or what so ever, I just wanted revenge, which is bring friends home and making a lot of noise till 5 in the pathetic morning! YESH! I’M EVIL! CALL ME MEGAMIND! Oh so gorgeous, frightening intelligent MEGAMIND! hehehe

Enough of that, why Megamind? Because it’s the show that we went for!!!!!

Bluetooth Exchange Folder1

Who’s version do you prefer???

The movie is actually very good..!! Will Ferrel le! Tiny Fey le! Brad Pitt le! It’s good, apart from..?? MBO delayed 20 mins for the movie, and another 10 mins for trailers! So everyone was in a bad mood and was very well prepared to complain. Another point? The cinema is pretty run down. And they are only open for like, 3 years?hit_and_run


Look at the ceiling.. I have a fear that it might just crumble and fall on me any minute.. Sibeh (chinese style of “very'”) scary!! OMG

The movie is pretty good, but I was so cold that i couldn’t sit still through out the movie. Apart from that, it’s good!

Bluetooth Exchange Folder3

Another particular reason that we went out is because we wanted to eat McDonalds! I’m crazy for the french fries! Especially now that they have McShaker, it’s really a piece of heaven for me. eating_shish_kabobs


This is what I’m talking about.

I guess majority people love McDonald’s french fries, if you don’t, you’re a dweeb! hug

Bluetooth Exchange Folder

It was overall fun. We went to try all the shoes, the clothes and everything (actually just me). I managed to buy swimming goggles and WanYi managed to buy a jacket which only cost her RM40!!!!! Is that cheap or what??!!

Before we head home, what’s an outing without ice-cream??!! The ice-cream is GOOD i’m telling you! G-O-O-D!milk_hug


So now that i’m back in Seremban, went for a long good swim this morning, then fainted for almost 4 hours on the sofa, it’s time to stay playing with Teddie, giving her quality time with me. skipping


See the treats on her paw? It’s part of the training! She’s not suppose to eat the treat until I say “OK” the magic word. Cute isn’t it?

So, till then, Chiaoz~bye_bye



Friday, November 12, 2010

Teddie, the attention grabber in my family.


Here’s my little teddie’s video as promised. She’s such a doll. You can see from the video that she wouldn’t move because she just loves to be scratched on the belly. Any more videos that you guys would wanna watch?? =D


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Loving my body

*This is going to be a long article and if you don’t feel like reading, LEAVE!*

I was browsing through Cleo Mag Nov issue and this particular post just caught my eye. Ever wonder what it is like to weight just 40KG? ever wonder how it would like to have a 24inch waist? Well, DON’T! As I’ve calculated, people with my height should be approximately 54-58kg, would be ideal. I admit that I was having a little obsession of dieting previously, but all these is just the past now. After reading this article, it scares me to death, and I mean it…!


This particular post would b e talking on ANOREXIA. What is anorexia? The picture above explains it all. As quoted in CLEO,

They’re too exhausted to have fun, too sick to go to work and too embarrassed to hang out with your friends. For women in their 20s who starve themselves to stay thin, anorexia is a fast track to isolation and despair.

Normally anorexia happens on teens, but with the dramatic change in the society, it is likely to happen among people like my age, in their 20s.


If you think that being skinny, just having bones is pretty, you’re WRONG!Thumbs downThumbs downThumbs down

Of course I know how it is like to be laughed at when you’re fat, when you have a problem in eating. I used to eat emotionally, when i’m very angry/sad/happy, I eat. It kind of just releases all tension. But sooner or later, I see inches growing, I see weight increasing, therefore I wanted to be pretty, I wanted to feel nice. (Which gal wouldn’t want?) But by not eating well, you’re torturing your own healthy and body, you won’t feel that energetic anymore, you won’t feel as lively as in the past anymore. You feel like lashing yourself out from the world.


But if you really feel that you need to loose some weight, try eating healthier and exercising. Not by starving yourself. Talk to someone that actually understand you, instead of laughing at you. People that laugh at you when you are most vulnerable, they are not your friends, DITCH them!!!!

I’m lucky that I have a several friends that are actually mentally there for me. No other than my besties all the way from KL. They were there for me when I was feeling depress, there for me when I feel like dying. They drag me out for dinners, go the extra mile just for me, making sure that I’m feeling alright. Hie, we all have insecurities alright? *Don’t judge me!*

Now I feel much better, I’m not terrified anymore, even though i’m still very conscious of what I put in my mouth, but I still enjoy McDonalds as my lunch, buffet steamboat as my dinner. There is time where you can actually just let your tummy/body relax for a day. I still go for long jogs around my area, do some abs exercises to make sure that I’m still fit and healthy, but no more starving myself. *proud*!

Here are some points that you might find it helpful to define yourself. Be very careful when you read them.


So gals/guys, stop torturing your body.. Open-mouthed smile Everyone wants to be pretty, but everyone is pretty in their own damn way. Just be healthy and you’ll be fine. Be fit and stop puking all your food away!


Talk to people about your feelings, don’t hide them. You have the right to let others know how you feel and think.


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