Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A day to KL with mummy

ok...here for some more holiday updates... well..i didnt have much to do actually... As i m going to UK on june, i went to kl last thurs to get my International Student Identification Card(ISIC) done. What izzit for?? it is for getting cheap flights at Europe!~ It's half price! imagine how much i manage to save le! so anyways..i went they early in the morning with my mummy, giving her a chance to try the hectic life of KL...took a bus there, got the things done, and we wanted to go to Midvalley. Took again a LRT, then KTM to Midvalley. Mummy was complaining all the way there because it is so troublesome to jump from one train to another. And i even got ourselves into a wrong train, luckily we manage to jump out before it close the door..LOL! can't imagine myself living in KL..i probably get so confused tat i will get fed up and start to live on the streets.

Anyways..when we got to Midvalley, we were so hungry that we didnt even want to look at any shops, we just went straight to the makan stall to eat..haha. We went..well, i couldn't remember the name of the shop though, it's those hongkong style shop. And i ordered a stone rice something. didnt knowing that it is a super big portion.

Couldnt finish it so mummy told me not to bloat up myself..LOL.which i m already bloated enough. So after that, after the very very satisfying meal, we went shopping..well, i mean WINDOW SHOPPING..cos everything is so FREAKIN EXPENSIVE~ even though it was on sales i still think that is ridiculously expensive. I guess that is what happen when you are poor and not working.. haha! Didnt manage to buy anything at all. But as for my mummy, she was like in Disneyland. well, her disneyland is actually bakery shops. So we were like spamming in the bakery shops.. and i found one stupid loaf of bread that actually cose RM18!!! waliao...why don't you just go rob us?? crazy...a loaf of bread for RM18...do you know how many loafs i can buy for High5??!! siao...didnt manage to get a pic of the stupid bread, but did manage to get a pic of my mum's Disneyland..

So after all these, didnt notice the time as it was already 4p.m, we didnt want to get cramp with the working ppl, so we headed back to SEREMBAN!~ yay!!~ finally..home..no more torturing me with expensive but nice clothes....it sucks when you can see and not buy....and here's my ISIC...look stupid though =.=

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Starting of My MidBreak

ok..first things first, i was having 3 paper exams in like 3 days..so it's kinda a suicide plan for me. Even though, i got through it!~ WEeeEeeEE~~~ i'm such a genius..lol!~ Anywayz, i'm having my midterm break now and i so wish that things would be so much more interesting than just sitting at home and online..haha..but at the mean time, i'm doing the exact thing that i didnt want to do. LOL..
I reached home on Sunday morning at about 9+.. why was i so late for going back to home? Cos i had 2 papers on saturday and i needed to wait for felix to perform for Liu Nian in a song composing competition. So i had to wait til he finishes only i can go back to Seremban!~ which was bout 9 somethings when he reached home, so it's so late that buses to seremban is already closed!~ so no choice, i need to go back on Sunday morning. However, it's alright to me. I just spend most of my remaining hours in Melaka, Emarald Park sleeping like a dead pig. Was so tired studying for the whole day that i didnt have the strength to do anything at all. So i waited till 9 and felix came pick me up to go for dinner. Went to Melaka Mall's Laksa House for dinner but the food was so small and so very terrible. I curse you Laksa House.... Danny came join me for dinner so that he could discuss some stuffs with me. So after we have discuss all the things, we headed home and i was watching felix playing Left4Dead the whole time.. The bloody game.. and when i say bloody, i mean it.. it really is bloody!~!~!~!~ it's a zombie shooting game and it's freaking EeEWwh!!~what to do..guy's game ma..lol..
so anywayz..woke up at 7 on sunday morning to catch an early bus back to seremban..this time, i'm not alone, felix came back with me so that i could teach him to how take k of my two darlings... Well, i can say i'm surprise, he is kinda good and fast in handling both of my babies.. and for your information, that two is not easy to handle with. so anywayz, spend a morning breakfast at alan's kopitiam and my mum and my grandma joined us for breakfast. poor felix was feeling so shy and agitiated as well..haha..but it's fun looking at him in that way, i don't often see him in that situation. keke. so here is a photo of us waiting for our food.
Spent rest of the days hanging around my house and letting him play with my two darlings and two babies.haha..emma, oddie, beibei, and duoduo is 4 of my very very precious. so didnt do much for the rest of the days, just stayed home and got some good rest.
On monday morning,m i promised felix to bring him out to eat some good food and also walk around a little in Seremban. I know i know, there's nothing much in seremban, but at least it's his first time in seremban so i guess it would be fun for him bah. :) so anywayz, i brought him to Yee Kee's beef noodles near OCBC bank there and we order some food there. It's our seremban's famous Beef Noodles. who would ever want to miss it??? here are some pictures of us waiting for food and also the pictures of the food!~ Nice eh??????

Next stop~!~ Jusco.... went there bout 12 and we manage to catch a movie at 12.30. it was the 'Race to Witch Mountain'. it's a walt disney production but i do not understand why they want to put 'the rock' inside that movie, he is freaking too scary for Walt Disney production. I'm bad i know, but i'm telling the truth! So next......well..there's no next la...just brought him to city park to have a glance at our seremban's nice scenery lo...haha. but the sun was so glaring that i didnt want to do much of walking so i just took some pictures and ran back to the car like a little rat hiding from the sunlight.

Headed home and did the mascott for the up coming event. it's huge though, bout 1.8 meters i guess..about la..haha.. didnt seem so cos it's smaller than felix. did nothing much after that, just watch some movies lor..haiz... so i guess that's all at the moment, hope i have more to blog during this holidays.

Before i forget, plz do remember to come support us at MMU MELAKA MAIN HALL for an event, which is the 'Micros Chinese Song Composing Concert' on 4/5/09 7.30p.m!! Anyone interested can call me or just drop by out booth in CLC concourse from monday to thrus to get your tickets!!~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Banging my head towards the wall

It has been so busy and crazy this pass few weeks that i feel as if i m stranggling myself at the throat.. even so, it's kinda my own fault for not doing things earlier. However....i still think that i could do much better that what i m going through. I have 3 papers in this week and an assignment that is going to due in two more days which i haven't even started yet..LOL... I have totally no comment on my status right now apart from foul words... Even though i m enjoying my Uni life, but it's really getting really really crazy now.

Last week, we had our fund raising food fair for 'The Micros Chinese Song Composing Concert' as we are short of budget. So..we did the best!! in 3 days, my group manage to come up with a fund of rm120..well..it's not bad la..but it's not great as well.. As i was planning happily to go back last weekend when my mum came down, who knows my mum planned to stay a night in Melaka, so i was like, 'what for i follow my mum back on sat and coming back by bus on sunday?' so i find it kinda pointless.. so...i stayed back in Melaka, and i wanted to go to library to study on sat night, siapa tau.. MSCC gang wanted to go out to buy the event 'uniform'(it's actually padini's formal wear) so...i didnt trust their taste so i threw away all my studies and went out with them. And with their planning, as i thought, we didnt manage to buy the formal wear. so instead, we went back on sunday just to try out the size so that at sunday they can go buy the fomal wear... it's so much of a hassel... MY GOD!!~ However, on sunday, it's Xian's birthday and they wanted to give her a so call surprise celebration. But anyone would know that they are already planning for it..haha! But anyhow.. hope that she likes it.. and of cos CONGRATS on finding a bf!~ WEll..it has been going on with XiaoYue for few months so...*claps claps* for tie-ing the knot!~
This pic was taken when we were eating at the WongKok restaurant at D.P...it wasnt that nice and it was EXPENSIVE!~ poor dear...bleeding in the pocket ad..haha!!~
After the dinner and collecting the birthday cake, we manage to go over to Eye on Malaysia to celebrate her birthday. However, i do not know how Anthony drive!~ he could manage to get lost in Melaka! My freaking god!~ haha! So... i haven't receive the pictures yet but i do have one of my pic with me now though :)
All these happened on 14th of March..and on sunday morning(15th March) i woke up at 8.30 just to go over to campus to c my felix dear perform. 24festive drum. waited for quite some time but then what a gf will do when their bf performs? Of cos go support la!~ lagi mau tanya.. so here's one of the pic.. i have the video but i'm too lazy to upload it..it will take my like 10 years just to upload that video.

Can you spot him?? :) So after the morning performance, we rushed to dataran just to try on the formal wear as i mentioned earlier. so here's the picture of 4 of us, or maybe 2 pairs of us.

So i guess that's all for now, Carmen my 17 years good fren is coming down to melaka tonight and we will have some jamming session going on!!~~~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

adding some more colors into my life

Basically i have nothing much to say bout what has happen this past few days... haha...i went for a interaction camp last sat and it wasn't that pleasant..it was raining the whole morning and by the time we got there, everything is wet and dirt is everywhere..and try to imagine that in a jungle!~ ARGH!!! of cos it's groase!!~ haha..but then i did played some games and even though it wasn't that nice, but at least i participated it...and the thing is, i m not in the same group with felix, so i didnt had much time to 'gila' with him. i was stuck with 2 very very 'da xiao jie' gals and they didnt want to play anything at all..i had my excuse for not playing, but i dunno what's theirs..haha..well, at least we had a little bit fun, not to say it's all bad..

and this few days i've been busying with all the fund raising food fair, so i didnt even have the time to take pictures of the environment and everything that is going on around me recently, but i did manage to pay some attention to my Mr.Felix as i feel that we didnt have much time to spend so call 'quality time' and every night i m so tired that i didnt have the strength to even answer him..and i just drop dead whenever i m near a bed.. but thanks dear for helping me to cook all the eggs when i know that i should be the one doing all the things. :) muackz to you!~ and well, business in the fund raising there is not that good though..even though we are earning a profit, but i still think the profit is very little. however. we did our best and we are earning a profit... *claps claps*

Another thing, carmen(my 17 years buddy)n i submitted 2 songs for the upcoming chinese composing song concert, and we got in!~ they sent our songs to some recording studio and to choose the few best. And WE GOT IN!!! even though our song didnt sound that nice, it was a mystery how we even got in!! LOL..however, we need to do some serious practise if we want to perform well.. i guess that's all for now and here's a pic of our very gay Mr.Felix after a rough game in the camp with all his wet clothes and some how he manage to find a piece of dunno wat it's call leaf to put it on his head... ENJOY :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

releasing stress

I haven't been blogging for quite some time..due to some hectic things to do, i didnt even have the time to actually sit down in front of my comp to just serve the net. but since now that i have finish everything, i have some extra time in hand and thank god everything went well.. :) SO what have i been busy-ing bout?? no use talking bout it so much, there it is!!
Well, i am suppose to have 8 of them,but one of it is missing due to some problem. However, i am proud of myself cos i just learned how to draw like a week ago and i learn how to color with a little tone from the internet and also youtube. Can't blame others though, it's kinda a last minute thing and i blame myself for not finishing it earlier. So when assignments, homework, designs, and meetings clash together, what do you get? A very very grumpy Mei Kuen :P At least now that my things are done, i can relax a little bit more and focus more on my studies. this is only partial of what i did, i still have some t shirt designs, banner, bunting and even ticket designs with me. all done by me and my very very very very good assistant... Thanks man!~ keke..
So after all the hectic things are done, i took the opportunity to go clubbing on Wed, it was Ladies' night + Mashi's band competition, even though we reached there kinda late and missed his performance, we still manage to get some fun by clubbing at Pure!!! Wee Hee!!! it wasn't as fun as the time i went out with my housemates and course mates. This gang wasn't as fun as i thought they would be.. They were not wild enough..keke.. not that i m very wild, i just want to release stress and not think bout other things at the very moment. so no matter how awful i was dancing, i dont mind. cos the lights are so dark that i don't think anyone would recognise me..LOL!! i might be wrong but i don't k :) So after one crazy night in Pure, we went Yam Cha in a place call roti bakar and headed home for some good night rest.. or should i say good morning rest?? i reached home at 4A.M~~~ might be normal for some people, but it's not to me though. I'm an early bird! hahaha! anywayz, i did enjoy the night and i wished that it would be even nicer if i had more friends to go crazy with me. I was the only gal in my gang that is not thinking so much and letting out every single stress. No offence but they were boring~!~~~~~~! They just stood there and do nothing! same goes to some of the guys..haha..
However. i still enjoyed it since i was in such stress.. so no much complain anymore.... so here are some of the pictures... :)
me n felix right b4 going out
One of mashi's group band, the one with damn chun hair :P
me and tian.. she's kinda drunk though.. LOL

So that's all for the moment... Chiaoz....

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